10 movies where the soundtrack was awkward

The soundtrack of a movie can make or break a movie. Whether it’s the ingenious use of licensed music or the uplifting tones of a score by one of the greats like Hanz Zimmer or John Williams, the sounds of cinema can greatly enhance the viewing experience. overall.

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Of course, a poorly composed soundtrack can accomplish the opposite and take audiences out of the immersion that the filmmakers worked so hard to create. That might not be enough to completely derail the whole movie, but those musical moments were certainly awkward for the wrong reasons.

ten Suicide Squad just couldn’t match the Guardians of the Galaxy wonder

A quasi-masterclass on the cinematic error of judgment, the soundtrack of the years 2016 Suicide Squad felt like it had been created not by someone who had worked on the film itself, but by someone who had recently watched the James Gunn film. guardians of the galaxy.

Even without the soundtrack, Suicide Squad felt like an unfortunate mishmash of tones and styles, but luckily for fans, 2021 would see James Gunn attempting the series with The suicide squad, and unsurprisingly, it gave much better results.

9 Donnie Darko’s deep tones haven’t aged really well

Richard Kelly’s one-shot wonder is no stranger to being brought up in discussions of America’s greatest films, and Donnie Darko the soundtrack mostly does a great job of bringing the viewer back to the time when the movie is set in the 1980s.

The problem with the science fiction thriller Jake Gyllenhaal and its soundtrack comes from Gary Jules’ interpretation of “Mad World”. Played during the film’s ending streak, the classic Tears for Fears cover now plays its part in the film’s bad dating, and its popularity ensures that many viewers see their absorption shattered every time.

8 Chungking Express has found repetition to its liking

express chungking

There are certain musical hits that are instantly recognizable by the masses, some tend to be overplayed although they are still a welcome sound when it comes to movies. Yet multiple appearances of a song in the same movie can quickly get boring.

Chungking Express is undoubtedly a great movie, the 1994 Hong Kong romantic crime thriller deservedly has legions of fans, but the song “California Dreamin ‘” “appears eight times in Wong Kar-wai’s comedy-drama, each new interpretation attracting probably more moans than the previous one. It turns out there are too many good things.

7 Spawn remains a victim of his time

A watch from the years 1997 Spawn nowadays, no viewer would be curious to know when this film was made. Truly a product of its time, Todd McFarlane’s Hellspawn and live-action film debut paved the way for many who followed, being one of the first films to feature a black actor as a superhero.

A score littered with punchy electronic music and unmistakable late 90s nu-metal sounds, of the appearance the sounds certainly haven’t aged well, but maybe there’s a point that they add to the feeling of nostalgia when viewing this ill-received image.

6 Mission: Impossible 2 is impossible to listen to for some fans

Mission Impossible 2 Moto Joust

Another victim of the nu-metal craze of the late ’90s, the sight of Tom Cruise scaling a rock face to the sound of Limp Bizkit is incredibly bizarre. The mission: impossible the franchise has come a long way since 2000, and when it comes to music that has aged badly, Fred Durst could swap his red cap for the crown and claim that throne.

Mission: Impossible 2 was nominated for several Razzies and also received a Stinker Award nomination for Worst Song, which was, of course, “Take a Look Around” by Limp Bizkit. Impossible missionThe second part of remains a bad film, undoubtedly made worse by its soundtrack.

5 Titanic will make some viewers hope the song won’t continue

Titanic - 1997

Celine Dion may have some of the most impressive tips in pop music, but her take on “My Heart Will Go On” by James Cameron Titanic might just be the most melodramatic and cheesy song to ever take an entire movie hostage.

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It certainly sparked an incredible amount of emotion for many back then, but watching this classic today and hearing the song burst almost ruins some of the film’s most poignant sequences. A very moving piece of music, but it seems somewhat pointless today considering Cameron’s film is so well crafted in almost every other area.

4 The Great Gatsby gives a modern twist to the 1920s

Baz Luhrmann is no stranger to giving his films a rather vibrant and sometimes controversial coat of paint via unusual aesthetic choices, but his accompanying soundtrack to Gatsby the magnificent reads more like a modern pop and R&B compilation than music from a movie set in the 1920s.

Luhrmann would like music to come to life in his films, almost becoming a character, so the distraction here may well have been intentional. Gatsby the magnificent remains the eclectic director‘s highest-grossing film, so he must have done something right regarding this image starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

3 Mom makes an incredibly bold song choice

mom movie wonder wall sequence

There are certain songs that filmmakers should avoid due to the fact that they are so overwhelmingly common in the media. mom is a masterpiece of emotional storytelling, a dark, traumatic, and overall brilliant drama, but a sequence from this unusual 1: 1-ratio film sticks out like a sore thumb due to the song used.

Oasis’ “Wonderwall” is one of the most recognizable pieces of music in history, although distracting from the initial guitar riff, the song plays for almost two minutes before giving way to the most euphoric moment of the day. film, giving viewers enough time to re-immerse themselves in the picture. By no means a compromise, but an eye-catching choice in a film full of otherwise perfectly chosen songs.

2 Django Unchained could be Tarantino’s only musical misstep

Quentin Tarantino on the set of Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino is well known for his excellent use of licensed music in his films, perfectly pairing old hits with iconic sequences, the filmmaker has given new life to countless classics. Extract from “Stuck in the Middle With You” in Tank dogs, to the unforgettable use of “Son of a Preacher Man” in pulp FictionTarantino knows a thing or two about the importance of music in his films.

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It was understandably a surprise to hear the breaking sounds of 2Pac and Rick Ross’s immersion in Django Unchained, many viewers immediately felt removed from the photo. Such iconic rap vocals in the middle of a movie set in the Old West were an unwelcome distraction for many.

1 Ladyhawke takes the 80s synth craze a little too far

Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfiffer in Ladyhawke

Widely regarded as one of the worst soundtracks in cinema, Ladyhawke is a dark medieval fantasy film that seems to seize every opportunity to remind viewers that it was made in 1985 with the superabundant use of synthesizers.

By no means a terrible movie, the movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer certainly has moments of greatness, but they are too often ruined by the film’s bizarre and mismatched score.

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