HARTFORD — With a financial career spanning more than 30 years, Republican Bob Stefanowski cites his business accomplishments as his calling card to become Connecticut’s next governor. But Democrats have been hammering Stefanowski’s record for more than six weeks as they directly target his best asset in a rematch ofRead More →

In the first half of 2022, three states — Florida, Georgia, and Michigan — signed legislation requiring all high school students to take a stand-alone course on personal finance. With increased interest in personal finance courses in every state, we’re diving into the research findings in this space, asking ourselves:Read More →

Since it first emerged in its modern form in Bangladesh in the 1970s, microfinance – the practice of providing financial services such as loans, insurance and savings accounts to individuals or low-income groups that are traditionally excluded from the banking system – has become a multi-billion dollar resource. -global dollarRead More →

The following was originally published in the France-Observer on July 31, 1958, and was translated into English by Nicholas Elliott for Film Forum’s RESNAIS 100a retrospective of 22 films in commemoration of the director’s centenary (until August 25). * The script for Alain Resnais’ next film, which is called HiroshimaRead More →

Share this article Top Gun: Maverick Soundtrack – Every song featured in the movie: May 2022 saw the release of one of the best sequels to a beloved classic film. Top Gun Maverick now has surpassed the Avengers Infinity War become one of America’s highest-grossing films. It crossed the $1Read More →

The next 365 days. cr. Netflix. Sex Education season 4 features Dan Levy as Maeve’s tutor (Meet Mr. Molloy!) by Crystal George The next 365 days is finally available to stream on Netflix and if you can’t wait to see how things go between Massimo, Laura and Nacho, you’ll wantRead More →

Hoping to turn a negative into a positive, Noel Clarke uses his actual “cancellation” as inspiration for a storyline. In 2021, multiple misconduct allegations were made against Clarke, with major consequences for her career. BAFTA suspended his membership and withdrew the actor’s award for outstanding achievement in British cinema. ItRead More →

“Rules Are Made To Be Broken” rings true to many artists and filmmakers. Although there are certain rules and standards that must be considered when producing a film, many filmmakers have challenged this and instead set their own rules. As filmmaking is art and is subjective, artists feel they canRead More →

The influence of “The Wicker Man” soundtrack on contemporary folk musicians and horror movie soundtracks cannot be overstated. Aside from the soundtrack, the film itself served as an original blueprint for the folk horror genre, spawning several locals who took inspiration from Robin Hardy’s film. Take Ari Aster’s daytime horror,Read More →

Sunday’s vote on the Infrastructure Reduction Act (IRA) showed, once again, the differences between Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the Democratic Party. Amendment after amendment, Sanders was the only one to support the publicly popular measures that were included in Democratic Party platform in 2020 but rejected by caucus members. AnotherRead More →

After releasing two hit singles “Shada Shada Kala Kala” and “E Hawa” that still rock the whole nation, the third official song from the hit movie “Hawa” was released on Saturday night. Acclaimed musician and composer Emon Chowdhury, who also arranged the music for the movie song “Shada Shada KalaRead More →

Malaysian diva Sheila Majid released “Wira Hatiku” from the soundtrack of Juanga film dedicated to COVID-19 pioneers touted as Malaysia’s biggest production. The single and music video for ‘Wira Hatiku’ was released on July 26, featuring instruments from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. In the post revealing the music video, theRead More →

Who is Shalini Ushadevi? Screenwriter and filmmaker Shalini Ushadevi has won her first National Film Award for Best Original Screenplay for the Tamil film Soorarai Pottruwhich she co-wrote with Sudha Kongara, the film’s director. Soorarai Pottru tells the story of an air force pilot named Nedumaaran, also known as MaaraRead More →