365 Days: This Day Soundtrack – 22 Best Songs From The Movie

Are you lost, little girl?

Yes, by the splendid soundtrack of 365 Days: This Day.

Big news was announced for “365 Days” viewers, as the first part of the film, which lasted 1h56, was enough to pique viewers’ interest in what was to happen next.

However, it looks like Netflix once again pulled in millions of viewers when it released the second movie, titled 365 Days: This Day.

Although the trailer and release date have already been announced, we do not believe we are required to provide specific data.

But the biggest question that arises is what soundtrack is actually used in this second film. We’ve brought the 365 Days soundtrack to this day with us, as always, because we don’t leave any information untouched.

For those who don’t know the story behind the movie and why people are so excited to see it. Or for those who’ve seen it before and want that quick light bulb to turn on again because they may have forgotten the half-plot, let’s explain the premise of the movie first.

365 Days Movie Premise

365 Days revolves around the central character Massimo, who is the star of the series because his character is the most endearing. The actress (Michele Maronne) does a fantastic job in the role.

Massimo is a respected and gorgeous Italian mob boss with a powerful and intimidating aura that is almost alluring to even the most independent modern woman.

Massimo gets everything he wants in terms of power and checkers, but he is defeated by Laura early on, leading to his frustration for the rest of the film. Laura is a tease and despite her reservations, she seems to like the chase.

His desire for her becomes so intense that he kidnaps and imprisons her before offering her an ultimatum: fall in love with him within 365 days or return to his dull life in Poland.

But the second half of 365 Days has its own twist. The second film depicts Massimo and Laura getting married with their moments of love, but it seems their romance may be jeopardized when a guy vying for Laura’s heart disrupts the lovers’ lives.

What will happen now? Will Massimo fight to keep his love? Will Laura leave Massimo? Well, only the movie contains the answer to these questions.

The famous yacht scene from this film is at the top of Netflix’s list. Many people think it’s an unwatchable movie at best; Still, this movie is often compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, so who knows, if you enjoyed the Fifty Shades series, this might be for you.

What are we supposed to say? It’s worth a look if you’re looking for spicy but light fun.

Definitely worth a visit if you like tall, dark, handsome Italian men who love to grab a woman by the throat.

365 days: the soundtrack of this day is absolutely splendid

Now let’s turn our attention to the soundtrack of ‘365 Days: This Day’, with a little detail on each of them.

1. 365 days per EMO exploit. Marissa

The lyrics of this song “only mistake you gave me 365 days” should be enough to make you fall in love with this song. Fans rushed to find the name of this song after watching Part 2 of 365 Days due to its pleasant and soothing nature.

2. My Daughter by Oscar Cyms

This song seems to be perfect for a wedding. The more you listen to it, the more you will perceive it as something lovely that fits in your ear, and it becomes more enjoyable to listen to with every passing second.

3. On Her by Emo

After hearing this song, you might assume that the “Emo singer” who has sung all the songs in the movie so far is Michele Morrone himself, don’t you think?

4. Mi Amor by JJ Abel with Carla Fernandes

JJ Abel’s songs are always masterpieces, and when his song is played in 365 Days: On This Day, it is likely to gain more views and fame.

5. If You Like It by Marissa

When Laura and Massimo are at the beach together, this song plays. And whether you agree with us or not, this song sounds exactly like Ariana Grande’s single.

6. Don’t Mess With My Mind by Emo

It seems Emo is in control of 365 Days: This day, like the movie soundtrack, especially its songs, is gaining notoriety. Thanks to the movie for introducing people to Emos songwriting.

7. Nothing to Lose by Marien

We’ll just say “this song is such a vibe” for now. Marien has sung several other masterpieces which include; Last Kiss In Heaven, The Escape, Golden Brown and many more.

8. You Were in Love by Bryska

The music for this song is by Dominic Buczkowski, Patryk Kumór, Bryska. When you look at this song, you will see that the background and Bryska herself are all green. It represents health, a fresh start and wealth.

Green is the most relaxing color and should be used to establish balance in a design, and that’s why this song sounds so relaxing to listen to.

9. Emo’s Pledges

Aren’t the lyrics of the song “Play me like a fiddle.” The sweetest melodies, I want to hurt you”, enough to give you butterflies in your stomach girls?

10. Christmas by Ian Scott

The lyricist composers of this song are Patryk Kumor, Jan Bielecki and Damian Skoczyk. The song made its first initial release on April 24, 2022.

11. Secrets of Natalia Krakowiak

As you may or may not know, Natalia Krakowiak was on “The Voice Of Poland” in which she performed her song “Listen”, and as a result, her fanbase grew and she received a lot of favorable comments.

Natalia may sound modest and unassuming, but her voice has the power of a goddess.

12. Trouble Maker by Marien

This song is so popular that you might not understand some lines, but it will definitely make you want to dance and sing along.

13. Give Me Some Love by Tynsky

“I have no heart, I am broken and my heart is frozen, because all I wanted was you,” one-sided lovers would understand this best.

14. Winter Summer By Jhn McFly feat. TYNSKY

This one’s probably for you if you’re looking for a stress-free song to listen to while working out or at a party.

15. Complicated by Ian Scott

Yes absolutely, the title of this song corresponds perfectly to the love story between Massimo and Laura.

16. Good for Me by EMO

I bet Emo will make a lot of money because half of the 365 Days: This Day playlist is filled with Emo songs.

17. By Your Side by Marissa

Here is a gift for you, pop music fans! The song, like the rest of the film’s soundtrack, was released in 2022.

18. Dos Horas By JJ Abel feat. Daniel Rondon & Kuinvi

When you hear this song, you’ll instantly know it’s not in English, but the vibes it gives us make us forget it.

19. Never Again by Tom Martin

A catchy song to listen to when traveling with your AirPods and pretending to be the main character, which you already are.

20. Show Me by Ian Scott

Hotel? Trivago. Most underrated song? Show Me by Ian Scott, haha.

21. Another Day by Michele Morrone

The growth of this song is awesome!! Do you know why? Because Michele Morrone features in the official video and, shockingly, her own song appears in Part 2 of 365 Days.

The most touching lyrics and main lyrics of the song are “If you believed in my eyes, I swear we’d have another day, I swear we’d have another day”, it looks like the actor also has talents of singer.

22. The End by Emo

Well, the soundtrack of the movie 365 Days: This Day ends with the song ‘The End’.

The music sounds quite haunting, but I’m sure you’ll listen to it again and again.

How did you find the soundtrack for 365 Days: This Day? Is it better than the first movie? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below what you think.