All songs featured in the movie

The next 365 days is finally available to stream on Netflix and if you can’t wait to see how things go between Massimo, Laura and Nacho, you’ll want to check it out ASAP.

Like the two previous films, The next 365 days is loaded with music, to the point that the film often feels like one long, steamy clip. Many songs from mainstays like EMO are on the soundtrack, as is another song from Michele Morrone, who plays Massimo in the franchise.

In the third film, we resume shortly after 365 days: this day to catch up on what happened to everyone after that dramatic shootout at the end of the sequel. If you watched the first four minutes of the footage released last month, you probably already knew that Laura survived and Massimo’s twin (and Anna) died.

Thus, the conflict in the third film focuses more on the romantic love triangle between Laura, Massimo and Nacho with less gangster drama.

The Next 365 Days Soundtrack: All the Songs Featured in the Film

Below is the full list of songs featured in The next 365 days.

  • “Prey” by EMO
  • “Someday” by EMO
  • “Mykonos” by JJ Abel feat. Kuinvi & Daniel Rondon
  • “Stop Stressing” by JJ Abel feat. mimaa
  • “Ghost” by Marissa
  • “Stranger” by Jhn McFly feat. Marissa
  • “Closer” by Jhn McFly
  • “Call My Name” by EMO feat. YOLO
  • “Dances with the Devil” by EMO
  • “Bye Bye” by JJ Abel feat. Adamé
  • “Hi” from Marissa
  • “All Alone” by EMO feat. Marissa
  • “Kill This Love” by Józefina
  • “Lovesick” by Jhn McFly feat. Kouba
  • Addictions by EMO
  • “Casual” by Bryska
  • “Wallows” by Tommy Docherty
  • “Whole Life” by Marissa feat. Tommy Docherty
  • Learning to Love Again by Tommy Docherty
  • “Choose” by Ian Scott
  • “On Me” by EMO feat. Marissa
  • “All I Have” by EMO feat. Oskar Cymes
  • “Angels” by Michele Morrone
  • “Heartbeat” by Ian Scott
  • “Control” by Natalia Krakowiak

Which of the songs featured in this film do you plan to add to your playlists?

The next 365 days is now streaming on Netflix.