Angelica Hale Drops New Song ‘Chapter One’ On ‘American Reject’ Soundtrack

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America’s Got Talent Season 12 runner-up Angelica Hale has released a new song called “Chapter One,” from the soundtrack to the upcoming American Reject movie. Angelica is set to make her acting debut in the film, available April 12.

Angelica Hale releases new song for “American Reject”

The new soundtrack of American rejection has 14 tracks. Angelica’s song “Chapter One” closes the album, along with a radio version of the track. The song is an inspirational anthem about never giving up even when you think it’s over.

“Somebody gon’ win, somebody gon’ lose / You think it’ll scar, but it’ll only bruise,” Angelica sings on the track. “You might think it’s over, you might think it’s over / But that’s only the first chapter.”

She’s not the only talent show contestant to appear on the soundtrack. Rebecca Black, who appeared on The Four: Battle for Fame in 2018, has two songs – “Feel This Forever” and “Lo Siento” with Michael Lynche.


Angelica makes her acting debut in the new film

It’s fitting that Angelica makes her acting debut in American rejection, since the movie is about coming in second place on a talent show. The film’s writer, Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, stars as Kay Montgomery, who was a finalist in a fictional singing show.

After her loss, Kay returns to live with her mother, and cameras follow her during the show. Black plays Bethany, the singer who beats Kay for the winning title. Angelica appears as Anna, the mother of a young singer Kay is training for a local competition.

American rejection was inspired by Monteleone’s own experience coming in fourth place in the talent show Grease: It’s you I want! in 2007. The film also stars Billy Ray Cyrus and The greatest showmanis Keala Settle. This will be available on April 12 in digital and on demand.

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