Apple Announces Two New iMovie Moviemaking Features | Magic Move, official launch of Storyboards Eye in April

Apple’s recent “Peek Performance” event unveiled some of the most exciting announcements for fans, including the new iPhone SE and a desktop Mac.

For filmmakers, there are also exclusive features coming next month. Specifically, the new pair of movie-making tools called “Magic Movie” and “Storyboard” will help iMove users do “magic” in storytelling and movie making.

Apple brings Magic Movie movie-making tool

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magic movie

According to a report from Apple Insider, said features are expected to arrive in April. Talking about the first feature, Magic Move will be a useful tool for people who want to create a good movie.

This iMovie software can help you put together the important parts you want to add to your movie. By doing so, you will have access to 20 different styles that can contribute to the uniqueness of your final product.

Compared to the previous iOS 10 feature which might seem similar to this one, Magic Movie is a good tool to rearrange your clips according to your preferences.

To add, you will experience an easy trimming process, not to mention the flawless removal of unnecessary parts from your movie. If you want to incorporate a soundtrack that matches the theme of your movie, the music will “dynamically” recompose itself so it can fit the duration of your project.

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New iMovie storyboards feature

Apple Announces Two New iMovie Moviemaking Features |  Magic Move, official launch of Storyboards Eye in April

(Photo: Apple)

On the Cupertino tech titan’s official website, there’s another feature you can’t miss, especially if you’re a budding or seasoned filmmaker.

Of course, a movie won’t be a movie without good storytelling. Simple yet engaging storytelling is all about capturing the audience’s interest. That said, you can achieve this with the use of the right software that will increase your chances of succeeding in your film business.

According to the support page, users can now rely on storyboards to hone their video storytelling skills. To help you with the arrangements, there is already a series of “premade” templates that will help you through the process.

Additionally, you can access 20 storyboards that cover many areas including science experiments and cooking. Each of them can lend a hand through a list of blueprints.

Too bad for that, you can grab distinct story structures apart from capturing footage and stitching together clips. Once you have completed your movie making activity, you can now save your progress to the Photos library.

To reach more audience, you can simply share the video on social media or simply relay it to your friends or family via Apple Mail or Messages.

To complete the setup, you can edit your clips on your iPhone 13 using Cinematic Mode. To compress your videos on your device, read our previous guide on this process.

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