AWA Calls on Aaron Rabin to Write Screenplay for “Old Haunts”

Artists, Writers and Craftsmen (AWA) hired Aaron Rabin to adapt his graphic fiction series “Old Haunts”.

This is the second feature film project from AWA Studios, the recently launched film and television studio arm of AWA. This is the first project announced that the company is funding internal development. AWA Studios President Zach Studin will produce the photo.

AWA Studios recently announced their debut project, “Chariot,” an event-driven feature film, based on Bryan Edward Hill’s AWA graphic novel that Warner Bros. got after a tender situation. Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”) is expected to perform, with 21 rounds of production.

“Old Haunts” mixes the horror and gangster genres. It focuses on three made men on the verge of retirement, who find their indestructible bond tested when they are suddenly assaulted by ghosts from their past. “Old Haunts” was written by Ollie Masters (The Kitchen, Snow Blind) and Rob Williams (AWA’s recently released new series Out, Low Life, Ghost Rider) drawn by artist Laurence Campbell (Breathing Space, The Punisher, BPRD ) and edited by Axel Alonso, Founder and Creative Director of AWA.

Rabin has an upcoming and still untitled Showtime pilot which is produced by Mark Johnson. He wrote the script for the 2020 “Tours” blacklist.

Rabin is represented by Grandview and attorney Michael Gendler.

AWA was founded by former Marvel executives Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso, and is chaired by Jon Miller. The company is supported by Lupa Systems, Sister and Lightspeed. The company was formed, in part, to give creative talents greater ownership of their creations.

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