“Bad Sisters” Soundtrack Album Release

Today, Hollywood Records is releasing the Soundtrack of the Bad Sisters series by award-winning musician and writer PJ Harvey and composer Tim Phillips. The bad sisters The series finale debuts today on Apple TV+.

The 13-track collection brings together a folksy, otherworldly soundscape reflecting the emotional ebb and flow of the series, assembling Harvey’s haunting vocal conjurations along with banjo, drums, bass, hand drums, staccato strings and various synths. This earthly approach adds another dimension to the series itself, deepening the atmosphere.

Regarding the soundtrack, Phillips commented: “bad sisters needed to have its roots in an earthly and feminine place and also show heart, humor, mystery and suspense. We decided that using PJ’s voice should be central to this, so we devised a new way of working: we created a huge library of samples of her singing all sorts of different things such as howls, whoops, cackles, whispers, note scales, quarter-tone curves, vocal glides between notes, and specially assembled melodic lines from public domain Irish poetry. We integrated him into a massive sampling instrument so that his voice was available on demand for the production score. He was then subjected to a variety of sound treatments to transform his voice into a very flexible sonic texture, sometimes heard as sung words, sometimes as an instrument in the ensemble.

PJ added: “I loved working with Tim, who was well prepared and knew exactly what he needed from me to create the sound he heard in his head. My job was to do it all and I spent a whole day providing him with all sorts of curious and otherworldly vocal expressions. I really enjoyed him and got a full vocal workout. I think it’s magic how Tim used our instrument created, affectionately known as “The Pollytron”, in order to access the perfect emotional soundscape for this unique series.”

Prior to the soundtrack album, a cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Who by Fire”, the show’s theme music, was released. In addition to generating nearly a million streams in total, (check the stats), it has garnered critical acclaim. Brooklyn Vegan praised, “They keep the charm of the classic original intact, but PJ brings her unique flair to it and she and Tim give it a cinematic feel that feels like a perfect fit,” and the songwriter American exclaimed, “Harvey delivers a more orchestrated take on Cohen’s acoustic classic, leaving his own vocal slurs over the spouting lyrics. Meanwhile, Stereogum hailed it as a ‘stormy take.’

Among other album stars, Harvey and Phillips deliver a haunting and hypnotic cover of the classic American Songbook “Run On” aka “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, of course made famous by The Man In Black Johnny Cash. They invoke the soulful darkness of the original over the ghostly production with PJ’s inimitable delivery in the limelight.

The chemistry between Harvey and Phillips carried over to the score itself when they collaborated on the show’s music. Together they captured the spirit of the show musically.