Blood on the screenplay | Movie Threat

Some directors would do just about anything to get their movies made. Chez Sedrick Amar II Blood on the screenplay, a director goes too far in making sure to make his perfect feature film. The director (Joseph Miller) in question kidnaps a great Hollywood writer (Sam Mandel).

The director intends to have the writer write a film that he can direct. But not just any film, something that “sticks to you”. During the kidnapping, the director asks the writer for pitches. Pitch after pitch, the director doesn’t seem satisfied until he finally realizes he had the idea for the story all along.

“…a the director goes too far making sure he manages to achieve his perfect feature film.

It’s an interesting premise for a movie, but I don’t think the director or the three writers – Dan Zand, Matt Gould and Amar II – executed the production with great force. First of all, Blood on the screenplay is littered with useless filters and fonts popping up on the screen every few seconds. The overuse of filters made it look like someone was just experimenting with a movie editing tool and got a little too carried away. Other than that, the quality of visuals and sound isn’t the best.

What I thought was a smart decision was that every pitch was played as if it had been shot. For example, we leave the room where the abduction takes place and, as the writer tells his stories, we are taken to a completely different setting. I think without this feature, the short would be almost unassailable. Although we see the different locations on screen, they’re all pretty ridiculous and not comedic. The movie tries to be a dark action comedy but lacks humor.

The plot of Blood on the screenplay is an interesting idea. However, even with its violent ending which is somewhat satisfying, in the end it’s something that just doesn’t “stick”.[s] yours.