BMW has hired Hans Zimmer for the soundtrack of the new 7 Series

A photo of the interior of the BMW 7 Series with the caption

Photo: BMW

Did you hear? There’s a brand new BMW 7 Series, and it’s quite the machine. There’s an updated front end, an all-electric option and a swanky new interior that would put most homes to shame. But, in all of BMW’s very eloquent marketing materials, one detail jumped out at me. And that was the company’s partnership with the film composer Hans Zimmer.

That’s right, the brains behind the music of kung fu panda, Dunkirk and Gladiator has teamed up with BMW to make the new 7 Series sound epic.

Apparently, this bizarre partnership will manifest itself in three ways.

First, there’s something with the incredibly pretentious title, “BMW Iconic Sounds Electric.” This feature is in the all-electric i7 and is a bespoke composition that plays whenever you press the car’s start/stop button.

Apparently, it was designed to create “an anticipation for the all-electric driving experience come.” Right.

Then there’s another signature soundscape that plays whenever you activate the car’s huge TV screen in the rear, which BMW has dubbed the theater screen.

A photo of the interior of the new BMW i7 electric sedan.

Half-car, half-cinema, all vibrations.
Photo: BMW

Every time you activate this 31-inch 8K display, the car will assume it’s movie time. As such, the Zimmer tones will float over you when the side window, rear window and panoramic glass sunroof sunshades are closed and ambient lighting is dimmed.

It’s totally unnecessary, but I really want to see it in action.

The end use of Pirates of the Caribbean the work of the composer comes when you select your drive mode in the new 7 Series.

If you put 7 Series in expressive mode, the interior lighting changes and “expressive colors and abstract patterns” are displayed on all of the car’s many interior displays. As all of this continues, BMW says an “unconventional soundtrack” by Zimmer will start playing to capture the vibes.

If instead you put the car in Relax mode, the focus is on “well-being, harmony and relaxation”.

Now you’ll be treated to a “subtle and harmonious interior soundscape” created by the Oscar-winning composer.

A photo of the BMW i7 electric sedan.

Now displayed at your nearest BMW i7.
Photo: BMW

It seems like a lot of effort to play a few nicer bangs every time you press a button in this $100,000 car. I wonder how many buyers will excitedly jump into their new 7 Series, press start, and then say, “Hans Zimmer picked this chime.”

Really, it’s just kinda ridiculous.

Now, there’s no way to listen to the bespoke sounds created by this music master. But, BMW attempts to describe them as having “a surprisingly transparent timbre with spherical components”.

If you know what that means and can recreate your idea of ​​how they might sound, then do it! I tried it on my saxophone last night and all I did was piss off the neighbors, so I hope the new BMW doesn’t sound like that.