Candyman 2021 soundtrack: every song in the movie

Candyman (2021) had big shoes to fill after Philip Glass’s Candyman score in 1992, but the songs and composition live up to the new movie.

With a stellar combination of classic hit songs and a powerful score by Robert AA Lowe, Candy (2021) is a haunting sequel to the original 1992 film. Directed by Nia DaCosta, Candy (2021) continues the legend of the Killer Spirit by tracing the roots of the now gentrified Cabrini-Green Chicago neighborhood through the eyes of Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who played a significant role in the original Candy movie. According to NPR, composer Robert Lowe actually lived a few blocks from real-life Cabrini-Green in Chicago, so he incorporated his real experience by scoring the conflict of Candy (2021).

As with most classic horror movies, the background songs and the score are extremely important in conveying the icy tone of Candy. The original Candy (1992) featured a remarkable soundtrack, with some Philip Glass themes like “Music Box” and “It Was Always You, Helen” becoming synonymous with the film. Jordan Peele’s previous horror films have stood out for their thrilling soundtracks and production on Candy (2021) is no exception.

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Candy (2021) actually features relatively few notable songs on its soundtrack, as most of the film features a chilling score by Robert AA Lowe, who covers music by famous composer Philip Glass. Preparing for Candy‘s (2021) spooky new sheet music, Lowe revealed he’s come back and listened to the original Candy (1992) soundtrack, largely inspired by the score by Philip Glass. Associated with Nia DaCosta’s striking visual film, CandyThe sound and cinematographic design make the film a spellbinding enthralling experience. Here’s a breakdown of each song in Candy (2021) and where in the movie they play.

Troy telling the story of Candyman by candlelight in Candyman

Sammy Davis Jr.’s “Candy Man”: Candy (2021) opens with a chilling take on the classic Willy wonka song “The Candy Man”, performed by Rat Pack musician Sammy Davis Jr. The song is played Candythe opening credits until the beginning of the film. “The Candy Man” played in the film is probably the least surprising song on the soundtrack, although the specific rendering adds to the not-so-family premise of Candy (2021).

“I must see the change” by L. Young: “Gotta See Change” plays in the background like Candy (2021) first presents the young William Burke walking through Cabrini-Green in 1977.

“Sticky” by Ravyn Lenae: When the four cores Candy the characters Anthony, Brianna, Troy and Grady are first seen together in the first couple’s apartment, “Sticky” sets the scene.

“Music box” by Philip Glass: Those who have seen the original Candy The film will instantly recognize this theme, which was the main score of the 1992 film. The song aptly plays as Troy tells Brianna, Anthony and Grady the story of Daniel Robitaille Candyman and Helen Lyle, which recounts the events of the movie. ‘original Candy through shadow theater.

“Like the moon” by adults: This plays out as Anthony McCoy searches for articles on Helen Lyle and the Cabrini-Green story online.

“Shameika” by Fiona Apple: The hit “Shameika” plays in the background on a record player while Anthony visits the apartment of art critic Finley Stevens who now explains that she includes her piece in the gallery. He continues to play as she is murdered by the Sherman Fields version of Candyman.

“Kadia Blues” by the Orchester de la Paillote: The song marks the scene where Brianna and Troy are chatting together in her living room.

“Lonely” by Jamilla Woods (with Lorine Chia): This song plays in one of the terrifying murder scenes when four white teenage girls are killed in a high school bathroom while summoning Candyman. “Lonely” is heard through the headphones of the young black girl who is sitting in the bathroom cubicle while the other girls are being killed.

“Resurrection” by death: To complete Candyman’s haunting tale, “Resurrection” plays as the final song approaching Candy‘s (2021) ending.

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