Carrie Soundtrack available to order from Waxwork Records


Carrie is one of the classic horror movies of all time, though it’s not mentioned in the same breath as some of the others. It’s timeless, and a big part of that is the score of Pino Donaggio. Now, Waxwork Records offers said score on vinyl. The full score will be split across two colorful “Prom Fire” discs and will include new artwork by Phantom City Creative. It’s a stunning jacket, and you can see the entire package for the release and get more info below.

Carrie Soundtrack Release Details

“Waxwork Records is delighted to present CARRIED Original film soundtrack by Pino Donaggio! Developed and remastered for its 45th anniversary, this deluxe double album marks the first-ever time the film’s complete score has been released on vinyl. Carrie is a 1976 horror movie adapted from the very first published novel of the same name by author Stephen King. movie stars Sissy Spacek and is led by Brian DePalma (Scarface, the ghost of paradise).”

Carrie Soundtrack available to order from Waxwork Records
Credit Waxwork Records

“The Legendary Composer’s Score Pino Donaggio (The howl, tourist trap) skillfully captures the pressure of forced innocence, the humor of teen dramas and the trauma of coming of age as a girl in 1970s America. The album also contains the tracks “Born to Have It All” & “I Never Thought Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me” by Katie Irving. CARRIE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack presents the extended film score remastered and pressed to 180 grams “Ball Fire” colorful vinyl, featuring new artwork from Creation of the ghost town, and old-fashioned open jackets with matte satin coating.”

I’m actually surprised it took them this long to make Carrie; this it feels like it should have been one of Waxwork Records first releases. Well, at least they did now. You can order it now for shipping in February.

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