Finally, a very long time ago, a new adaptation of Dune arrived on our planet. Director Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated film, based on Frank Herbert’s beloved 1965 novel, premiered Friday at the Venice International Film Festival, and was finally screened in front of an audience after the coronavirus pandemic delayedRead More →

Dark shadows weave their way through the red rocks of Moab, the only light coming from the waxing moon. The dry grasses huddle together, sounding like footsteps. Wait, footsteps? You check behind your back, but there is nothing. Wait, do the rocks make shadows that look like this? Wait, doRead More →

Dr Shawn Kildea, Chairman of the Film and Television Department, wants to bring more productions like this to Rider. “Our department is fully committed to providing our students with more engaged learning opportunities such as Star Watcher project, ”he says.“ We will be working aggressively to bring professional film andRead More →