It’ll be a box office jungle this weekend, as one of Hollywood’s main lions takes on some formidable foes from the animal kingdom. Brad Pitt’s new baseball drama, “Moneyball”, will battle for first place against last weekend’s surprise winner, the 3D version of “The Lion King” and a new familyRead More →

In a summer filled with prequels, sequels and big-budget reboots, Paramount Pictures is hoping that an original concept film starring mostly unknown actors will be more than just a well-kept box office secret. This weekend the studio will release “Super 8”, a film directed by JJ Abrams and produced byRead More →

Tyler Perry will water an elephant at the box office this weekend. “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” the prolific filmmaker-writer-actor’s latest release, is expected to gross around $30 million, according to people who have seen the audience polls ahead of the release. “Water for Elephants,” a romantic drama based on SaraRead More →

“Battle: Los Angeles” is expected to eliminate box office competition this weekend, leaving “Mars Needs Moms” searching for any sign of life. Sony Pictures’ “Battle,” an alien invasion story starring Aaron Eckhart, is expected to open with domestic ticket sales of $ 30-35 million, according to people who saw audienceRead More →