David Gordon Green Halloween kills Finally hits theaters on October 15th, and we recently learned that the film’s soundtrack will be released on the same day. Of Jean Charpentier, Cody Charpentier, and Daniel Davies, the album is released on October 15 via Sacred Bones Records, and the track “Carnage” isRead More →

John Carpenter’s “Halloween Kills” soundtrack will be released on October 15, 2021 via Sacred Bones. The soundtrack is that of the second film in the new trilogy and Carpenter once again teams up with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. “Halloween Kills” is directed by David Gordon Green and Jamie LeeRead More →

Equally praised for their narrative twists and compelling visual flair, Dario Argento’s films are equally iconic for their soundtracks, with Mondo confirming today that they will be releasing the soundtrack for his film giallo. The bird with the crystal plumage on vinyl. One of Argento’s first films, it marked aRead More →