Cine Impact Fellowship to encourage young film talents

New Delhi, December 30 (IANS): Over time, cinema undergoes a huge change and emerging filmmakers are open to welcoming new changes and accepting challenges.

To support these budding filmmakers, The Hyphen, a private company, has selected 10 film teams from across the country to make short documentaries on various social issues.

All teams will receive training to create the documentaries. The best documentary will receive a reward of Rs 1 lakh. This will be in addition to the subsidy that each team will receive for the production of their documentary.

The teams were asked to donate the short films for selection and each of them donated a short film. Now, based on this, they are selected for the Cine Impact scholarship. There are four members of the jury to decide the winners – Saibal Chatterjee, nationally awarded film critic; Utpal Borpujari, national award-winning filmmaker and film critic; Arnab Banerjee, film critic and journalist and Faisal Khan, film critic and curator.

Arpesh Mishra, Founder of The Hyphen, said: “We were thinking about ways to raise awareness about various social issues. During one of our brainstorming sessions, we felt that there were so many young filmmakers who wanted to hone their skills and show their creativity in a productive way. This is how Cine Impact was born and we then partnered with various organizations, film critics and filmmakers to create a fruitful collaboration. The idea behind the Cine Impact Film Fellowship was to promote independent storytelling on social issues among young Indian filmmakers. We wanted to bring in the best filmmakers. “

Speaking about the selection criteria, film critic and jury member Utpal Bhorpujari said: “The films were chosen on the basis of the overall average of the scores awarded individually by the jury members. The jury reviewed the films on the basis of the processing, the concept Technical competence was also taken into account, but since this competition was aimed at amateur and student filmmakers who were working on tiny budgets, the focus was on more about the end result of the vision they started with. “

He added: “The ideas that were presented in the films were very varied and relevant to the present day. Some of the films were way beyond the jury’s expectations. As a person from Assam, I am particularly happy with Wire ‘, a film directed by a group called Maati based in the small town of Golaghat, could be in the final selection. “

Aditya, a young filmmaker of the Brain Tikka team which includes four members with him namely, Harshil Tewatia, Harshvardhan Ojha, Arjun Roy. Their short film ‘Diya’ was selected.

Aditya, a self-taught filmmaker from Lucknow, graduated with an Honors BA in Mathematics from the University of Delhi. Speaking of the filming of the film, he said: “The idea stuck with me for a long time before it was executed. It took me a few weeks to write it. The film was shot in about a week, and we have shot in colleges of the University of Delhi – South Campus, Satya Niketan and around Kailash settlement. “

He explained the concept and said: “Migrating from a small town to a big city brings a lot of apprehension and fear, especially for women who have been raised in a patriarchal setting and who are perhaps the first. wife of their family to move. This apprehension is something that I have personally seen, but it is not talked about much. I didn’t want to present the new city as a threat, instead I wanted to point out that something that we see as a safe space, can also be harmful and it is necessary to listen when someone tries to tell you something. It is even more important to look behind what is being said.

Harishwaran Raja, who comes from Bengaluru with his team member Koushik, has made a short film, ‘The Brahma’. It’s a short film about two friends. Harishwaran and Koushik from Indian Academy Degree College team took 5 days to complete filming. “We got ready 3 months ago before we went to shoot the movie,” Aditya said.

He added: “My short film, ‘The Brahma’ is a silent film, the original idea was to make a social black comedy film but we didn’t have enough funds. So I decided to do a silent movie but it should be purely silent without even a single dialogue, so I decided that one character should be deaf and mute, the other character is blind, so basically there will be no conversation between them, we started like that, I made the film.