Credit Score: Clean Name But Can Not Get Loan?

  Pde » Credit Access » Credit Score – Clean Name But Can not Borrow? Credit Score? Serasa decided to collaborate by releasing the credit score for Brazilian citizens as well as in other countries.


Pde » Credit Access » Credit Score – Clean Name But Can not Borrow?

Credit Score? Serasa decided to collaborate by releasing the credit score for Brazilian citizens as well as in other countries. Before, everyone was watching ships because they did not know why they could not get credit, loans or personal loans, and you who are not under your dirty name, and currently do not owe anything to any institution, have paid their bills on the right day, but even so you are having difficulty when you are going to borrow money or have been financing the purchase of something of value or were denied when you applied for a credit card.

There are several factors that are impeding, however, it has seemed obvious that this probably happens because you have a “low score” or “low score”, but this can negatively contribute to obtaining credit, the legal thing is to know that this can be reversed and you can manage to increase the Score gradually, but it takes time.

Serasa, SPC Brasil and SCPC Boa Vista are currently companies that have access to credit databases throughout Brazil, and they assign a score to the consumer that we call Score. This score ranges from zero to one thousand points. The higher the score, the lower the risk of the consumer refusing to meet their financial obligations, ie giving default on the bank or credit institution. So, you have come to understand that the higher the score the more credit and more money released through personal loans or financing of all kinds. See also ➜ Credit History, Credit Score, and Credit Score.

Here’s the rating:

  • up to 300 points : high risk of default
  • between 301 and 700 points : average default risk
  • above 701 points : low risk of default

Free name

Free name

The good news as I said in the paragraph above is that before you had no way to know the note, but now the consumer already has how to know which note in your CPF. This Wednesday, May 5, Serasa Experian launched a great free service to know 100% and follow the score monthly. The consultation at Serasa can be made through the website To access it is necessary to inform the CPF number, name, date of birth, routine things, you will have to create a username and password – everything is very easy to do.


How to improve your credit score?


How to improve your credit score?


According to Serasa, the credit score depends on a grouping of factors , among them the payment of current accounts, the history of debts that have been denied, the financial relationship with supplier companies and also have the cadastral data updated in the organ of protection.

” Want to improve your score or score? For this the consumer must first clear his name of the spc and serasa, he must be with the accounts in day and must keep his cadastral data updated. “

Few know or are registered in the positive register , this is another possibility to improve the score, the positive register points to a list of good payers. The lists provide information on debt repayments, such as real estate and car financing, and can be accessed by financial institutions and credit granting stores. The idea is to help assess whether the consumer is a good payer. Currently, the consumer himself has to declare that he is willing to put his bank information in that register.

1- Try to get rid of the good debts left out or forgotten, many make the debt a running track and try to beat their own record of how long will be left unpaid. If you are planning a big purchase like a house or a car, you need to put together a payment scheme for your past due debts.

One of the biggest ingredients to having a good credit score is to simply make all the payments month after month by day. Another tip that can help is you whenever you can, save some money to make your purchases smart.

Serasa’s methodology to increase punctuation



It is worth remembering that the weight taken into account are mainly all information that the Serasa Score needs to define the note according to a behavioral study based on the history of groups of people that are not identifiable. These groups of persons or individuals are made up of persons having equivalent or similar financial characteristics.

So we can understand that, everything is done statistically, Serasa compares all observed results of both a specific consumer with others from the same group and thus does the calculation of the score. So now it has become easier to understand the credit negatives in the financial market, in possession of this, you have to start the work of building credit scores that favor your finances.


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