DeJuan Ford takes cinema to another level with “First Lady” series

LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, September 15, 2021 / – While underachievers do exist, the idea of ​​overtaking is just a pipe dream; a myth that many have come to terms with for several personal reasons. Whereas indeed, the idea of ​​overperformance is the reality of someone’s underperformance and the need to put in more effort. For some, at the peak of their success is the need and thirst for more success; the constant urge to replicate past successes and even surpass them is the driving force behind many peoples, especially those in the creative industry. And after the successful releases of the First Lady series, filmmaker DeJuan Ford wakes up every day with a desire to do more and never stop doing what he loves.

DeJuan Ford is an actor, filmmaker, executive producer and founder of Faim Films and DeJuan Ford Productions; two independent film production companies based in Detroit MI. Before creativity got in the way and entrepreneurship came to call him, DeJuan worked for odd jobs and for minimum wage, learning from an early age that dedication coupled with hard work is the most dominant recipe. success. As a successful actor and entertainment entrepreneur, DeJuan has successfully transitioned from “the cable guy to the one everyone aspires to be like and many take inspiration from.” And fresh off the premiere of his latest project, “First Lady 3”, the third installment in the “First Lady” series, DeJuan believes he has delivered his best work to date and therefore spares no effort to make it happen. so that the film is aimed at the right audience.

While First Lady 3 may have ticked all the boxes of every movie that DeJuan Ford Production has come out of in terms of script, script, and behind-the-scenes effort, DeJuan hasn’t forgotten her humble early days, which loomed large. ‘saw the production of quality films which advertised him as “the new kid on the block”. He described his goal in the film industry as more important than just appearing onscreen as an actor. Instead, he made as many differences and influences as possible to leave an indelible mark on the industry. DeJuan’s first effort as a filmmaker was “True Story,” a 2016 unreleased project that was all he needed to push further as he tenaciously pursued his dreams. Since then he has added “McGraw Ave”, “Indictment: who is Jonathan Carter?” and the critically acclaimed “First Lady” series. DeJuan is in the process of consolidating his place as a legendary filmmaker.

According to DeJuan, his stint in the cinema started out as a dream; he remembers a childhood when he grew up in a movie theater where his mother worked. Therefore, seeing him pursue a career in cinema came as no surprise to anyone, as his love for art has always been evident. “My goal in this industry is bigger than just being an actor.” He said about his intention, and even when his first production attempt was not released, he was not discouraged and decided to keep insisting: “I plan to shoot this movie again”, he notes. “This is probably still my favorite scenario.”

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