Denis Villeneuve de Dune thought Blade Runner 2049 would end his directorial career

In a few weeks, Dune will finally be released in theaters in North America. Director-screenwriter Denis Villeneuve knows how lucky he is to adapt Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic, mainly because he didn’t think he would still be a director afterwards. Blade Runner 2049.

During an episode of MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast earlier this week, Villeneuve opened up about how the 2017 film affected his outlook on his career. “I knew when I made this movie, I flirted with disaster,” he admitted. Although critically acclaimed, he was financially a non-starter, earning $ 259.3 million ($ 355) worldwide, and was basically a dud in the United States. For him, making the movie starring Ryan Gosling put him in “artistic danger” and he feared he wouldn’t make any more films after that. “At least I wasn’t banned from the filmmaking community,” he joked. “I still make movies and you always talk to me.”

Yet regardless of the lack of financial success Blade Runner 2049 eu, it doesn’t seem to have mattered in the long run. In the four years since its release, the Blade runner the franchise has seen several comic book releases that have broadened its world, not to mention Adult Swim and Crunchyroll’s Black lotus the anime is coming next month. The franchise seems to be doing well now, as most franchises are doing after a few years on the ice, and it’s likely we’ll see another movie eventually … but maybe not with another 40-year gap.

Given how much beloved properties love Dune and Blade runner are in pop culture, we understand the pressure that would put on the Canadian director. While this helps provide some context for her clear desire to do this second Dune film and getting involved in its spinoff series, that doesn’t let him completely get away with being so insistent on seeing the film in theaters. Even if the movie explodes and he dumps cinema altogether, all of his work will eventually reach the breast tube.

Dune arrives in Australian theaters on December 2.

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