Director Mark Williams sued for script credit for Liam Neeson’s upcoming film

A lawsuit has been filed against Mark Williams, the co-creator of Ozark. The screenwriter who filed the case claimed Williams wrongly claimed writing credit for his upcoming Liam Neeson film.

Nick May, the screenwriter, is a career lawyer with the Federal Trade Commission and the author of the screenplay for Black light. Williams, who has previously produced and directed films with Neeson, opted for May’s screenplay in November 2019.

According to Variety, the complaint states that Williams took credit for the single storyline and May received credit for the shared story. The complaint states that Williams made only minor changes to the script and dialogue. “So this is the running Hollywood story of established gamers stealing credit and money from creative newcomers,” the statement read.

It is also reported that May’s contract entitles him to a 3% share of the net proceeds if he obtains script credit, and the lawsuit alleges that Williams is seeking to deprive him of his share of the backend profits.

The lawsuit also claims that Williams violated May’s contract, which states that the credit will be allocated according to established rules of the Writers Guild of America.

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