Eddie Torres releases soundtrack for the film, “Life Has Nothing To Do With The Movies”

Life has nothing to do with the movies

by Fran Briggs

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, United States, December 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Rushing Wind Productions is pleased to announce the release of the film’s soundtrack, “Life Ain’t Nothing Like the Movies”. The album was composed by the international award-winning film music composer / producer, Eddie Torres and is available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

Torres’ credits for the musical score are extensive and include reality TV shows such as “Long Lost Family”, “Murder for Hire” and “Super Nanny”. The soundtrack is based on the film of the same name which was written and directed by Robert MP Butler and stars Paul Bates (“Coming To America”) and Cinda Williams (“Mo Better Blues”), respectively.

“Life is nothing like the movies” portrays high school student Chone (played by Lee Paris) as he goes from a 16-year-old to a young adult. During his journey he is exposed to a plethora of life experiences including love, death, bullies, and social awkwardness.

The soundtrack of “Life Ain’t Nothing Like the Movies” includes 23 tracks:

1. Not like the movies
2. Daddy checks the pops
3. Dads try to connect
4. The mothers concerned
5. Wake up
6. Pray for grace
7. Need Pops Advice
8. You don’t listen
9. Chad threatens Chone
10. He’s gone
11. Here for you
12. The letter
13. Think
14. Funeral eulogy
15. Grace in minor
16. The Confrontation
17. Daddy knows
18. Did you hear what happened
19. Why would he
20. Mom checks Lola
21. Here we go
22. My journal
23. The kiss

For more information on how you or your group might work with Eddie, including bookings, appearances, and interviews, please visit https://www.eddietorresmusic.com/

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