Every song in the romantic drama

A film’s soundtrack is perhaps one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of filmmaking. The music in a scene helps set the tone for the audience, which is true for the romantic genre. As Netflix adds The In Between to its wealth of romantic dramas, we’re revealing songs that make our hearts burst.

The In Between stars Joey King as our protagonist. Fans may recognize her from another Netflix romance franchise, The Kissing Booth.

King’s role in this movie is slightly different from her previous roles, as she has to go through heartbreak after losing her love in a tragic accident.

The In Between has everything from romance to supernatural elements, but what songs provide the backdrop for this heartache?

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Metal Lords | official trailer






Release date and plot preview

The In Between arrived on Netflix on April 8and2022 and has a running time of just under 2 hours, making it the perfect movie to watch this weekend evening.

The film follows Tessa (Joey King) who has moved through the foster system for most of her life. This made her feel like she didn’t deserve her own romance.

Enter Skylar, a hopeless romantic from the next town who prevails. The two instantly fall in love and it seems Tessa has finally found her happy ending.

The in-between

However, in a cruel twist of fate, Skylar dies in a tragic accident, leaving Tessa distraught and heartbroken.

In the midst of her grief, she begins to think that Skylar is trying to contact her from beyond the grave. Determined to give their romance the epic conclusion it deserves, Tessa enlists the help of her best friend to contact Skylar one last time.

The In Between Soundtrack

The In Between is packed full of songs that are sure to have you buzzing, featuring some big name artists such as Wolf Alice, Sharon Van Etten and 070 Shake.

  • Teenage Headache Dreams – Mura Masa ft. Wolf Alice
  • Never Tear Us Apart – INXS
  • One day – Sharon Van Etten
  • I fell in love – Robert Lange and Xenia Rubinos
  • You are the only one – KAYTRANADA ft. Syd
  • In Between – JJ Pfeifer
  • Sheet music Betty Blue – Gabriel Yared
  • Closer – Victoria
  • Perfect day – Meli
  • Give your life – Anna Pancaldi
  • Move – Tsutro
  • Nice to have – 070 Shake

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Joey King’s comments on The In Between

Joey King is no stranger to the spotlight, appearing in movies and TV shows since she was seven years old.

However, King explained to Collider how The In Between was a different project for her, saying:

“I was with this project from the very beginning, even before the script was written. So, for example, I gave a lot of notes on each draft of the script, which was so exciting and revealing because I I feel like I learned how to give proper marks and I also thought, “Wow, it’s really fun to be able to notice things and be able to say something and have it taken seriously.

The in-between

The In Between is available to stream now on Netflix.