Every song on This Day has been explored

The music for a movie or TV series can often make or break the final product because the choice of songs can add just the right feeling to each scene.

For a raunchy thriller like Netflix’s latest 365 Days: This Day, that’s hugely important, so it’s no surprise that the film is packed with music.

But what songs are included in the soundtrack of 365 Days 2: This Day?

365 days: this day | official trailer

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365 days: this day | official trailer






365 Days: Today’s Release Date and Plot Preview

365 Days: This Day arrived on Netflix on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, nearly two years after the first film arrived on the streaming service.

Following the events of the first film, which saw Laura imprisoned for 365 days until she fell in love with Massimo, the boss of the Sicilian crime family Torricelli, the sequel picks up the story after that jaw-dropping cliffhanger. .

Despite the first 365 days leaving fans fearful for Laura as she failed to get out of the tunnel amid a plot to kill her, Massimo and his future wife are reunited in the sequel and can finally organize their long-awaited marriage.

However, the couple’s new start is further complicated by Massimo’s family ties and the arrival of a mysterious man who desperately hopes to win Laura’s heart and trust.


365 Days 2: Today Soundtrack

Like the first 365 Days movie, This Day is packed with music to help add an extra dimension to its steamiest scenes.

The songs featured in the 365 Days 2: This Day soundtrack are:


Actor Michele Morrone features in the soundtrack

That’s right, Michele Morrone, the actor who plays the menacing Massimo, can be heard singing on the This Day soundtrack.

This is not an isolated case either, as the Italian actor also has a career as a singer and in 2020 released an album titled Dark room.

In the new movie 365 Days, his song Another day is used in the final scene and in the end credits.

However, while a Michele song features in the This Day soundtrack, the Italian had four songs in the first 365 Days film, these were Dark room, hard for me, feel it and watch me burnall of which were featured in his 2020 album.

Michele’s song Difficult for me has been played more than 66 million times on Spotify and the artist has more than one million listeners per month.


365 Days: This Day is available to stream on Netflix after its release on Wednesday, April 27and2022.

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