Film Massena solicits contributions for a local film guide | Business

MASSENA — Filmmakers who want to use Masséna as a backdrop will soon have a guide that will provide details on the businesses and services available to them in the community.

Elijah O. Winfrey, coordinator of Film Massena, a group that tries to bring filmmaking opportunities to the region, said the guide will be designed to be distributed to medium and large production companies when they come to town. . He said it would increase the information available on the Explore Massena website and app.

“I’m trying to use this as a complementary piece, not trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s not just a list of all of Massena’s businesses,” Winfrey said. particular will be adapted to services and companies that offer services that these companies need during productions.My objective is to be able to offer this Tournage à Masséna guide as well as the link to the Explore Masséna site.

“There’s a misperception that when these big major productions come to town, they bring everything they need to film their movies,” he added. “The thing is, these big production companies aren’t like people like me. These are Disney, the big ones. They actually have tax incentives based on the amount of money they spend locally when they’re in town filming. That’s why I’m trying to put all of this together, because obviously they could just walk around and see if there’s any services they need, or we can give them a book with everything in it. .

Mr Winfrey said he wanted the guide to cover as many services as possible that would be useful to film companies, such as catering.

“Which restaurants offer food in this area?” How far in advance should they be notified of a catering order? How much can they serve? he said.

He is also looking for other services such as food trucks and transportation options including taxi companies, private drivers or limousine drivers.

“I don’t know how many of those we have in the area, but you never know until you ask,” Mr Winfrey said.

Airport information is also essential, as is accommodation availability such as hotels, motels and inns that offer blocks of rooms.

“It would be kind of a big thing,” he said.

Other services he seeks include laundromats, seamstresses, tailors, building supply stores, personal trainers and photography studios, “different things they would need during their production.”

“We want to try to put it all together in a nice package for them,” he said. “There is no charge to submit your business.”

“The reason we’re doing this is that things are starting to heat up in that area as far as filming goes,” Winfrey said.

For example, he said, Showtime filmed part of the Dannemora prison escape movie in Malone, HBO made a documentary about the murder of Garrett Phillips in Potsdam, a movie in Alexandria Bay was made by a New Zealand team, and there’s a Netflix documentary in the work on Frederick J. “Hank” Robar Sr.’s toilet gardens in Potsdam. A Syracuse film company also traveled to Watertown to use one of the town’s vacant buildings for a horror film.

“There was also a movie that used Masséna as a backdrop, but it wasn’t shot here. It was shot in Oswego because it was just before the film permits came out (in Massena). They didn’t know what the requirements were to shoot in Massena. They didn’t even know who to contact to film in Massena, so they used Massena as the focal point of their film. Now that we have the filming permits, they said that ‘they would keep us in mind for future productions,’ Mr. Winfrey said.

“It’s just in our area in terms of the things that happened. If people really want to look into that, they can watch all the productions that start in Albany and all the productions that start in Cornwall and everywhere in between. We’re starting to get a lot more action here, and I want to make sure Massena is ready for that,” he said. “I meet people who are either very supportive or people who say, ‘Yeah, but the movies don’t come here. What I mean is that they do and they are, and we have to be ready for that opportunity.

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