Film Projector: James Bond’s “Skyfall” To Blow Up The Box Office

“Skyfall” will live another day when the new James Bond film hits American shores after a smashing debut abroad.

The 23rd installment of the iconic spy franchise is about to open with at least $ 75 million, according to those who saw the pre-release audience polls. That would put Eon Productions’ image above the $ 67.5 million mark of 2008’s “Quantum of Solace,” the previous high rating for a Bond debut film, regardless of inflation.

A spokesperson for Sony Pictures, which publishes the action thriller, pinned the weekend’s estimates for “Skyfall” in the $ 65 million to $ 70 million range. The film’s budget, directed by Sam Mendes, is estimated at $ 200 million. The photo features elaborate stunts and was shot in remote locations including Turkey and Macau.

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Featuring Daniel craig as agent 007 and Javier bardem As a disgruntled former agent, the film has already grossed over $ 320 million overseas in 12 days of release. It has been particularly strong in Bond’s native UK, where the film’s $ 91 million already makes it the highest-grossing release of 2012.

A massive marketing campaign and good reviews – a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is the highest for a Bond film since 1964 – should bolster “Skyfall” ‘s take in the United States.

After being in limbo for several years during the bankruptcy of rights holder MGM, “Skyfall” went into production in 2011 after the legendary studio was replenished with new owners and Sony came on board to distribute and partially fund the image. (MGM owns 75% of the film and Sony 25%.)

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Bond has been a reliable box office artist over the decades, hitting the once elusive $ 50 million mark as early as 1985 with “A View to a Kill”. Remarkably, in the United States, each of the 22 Bond films grossed more than the previous film, which is a testament in part to inflation but in large part to the enduring popularity of Ian Fleming’s iconic character.

“Quantum” grossed $ 168 million in the US and $ 586 million overseas, slightly below the franchise record of $ 594 million for the “Casino Royale” of 2006. “Skyfall” should easily eclipse this numbers.

No other new wide version challenges “Skyfall” this weekend. But the three-day period will be a test for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” which hits 11 theaters ahead of its domestic debut next weekend.

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Starring Daniel Day-Lewis as president caught in the midst of legislative and personal battles, Disney’s release has high hopes for awards for its actors and filmmakers. The period drama, which cost Spielberg-based production company DreamWorks around $ 65 million, aims to be something of a box office comeback for Spielberg, who is releasing a modest pair of performers in “War Horse.” and “The Adventures of Tintin” in 2011. “

Trying to stand up to Bond’s bullets is Disney’s animation “Wreck-it Ralph,” a video game nostalgia tale that ended at the top of the box office last weekend at $ 49 million.

The Denzel Washington-led “Flight” also appears to be hanging in the air: Its $ 24.9 million take last weekend was a solid start, but many of the adult moviegoers the film plays are expected to feature in “Skyfall.” this week-end.


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