Game Loft uses role-playing and filmmaking to teach Maine history

BELFAST – One of the goals of The Game Loft program is for its young people to expand their knowledge and appreciation of their condition. One way to do this is through an immersive role-playing experience game that the organizers have designed and called “Coming of Age in America.” It worked well for a small group for several months of play time. Their challenge was how to scale it up – how to make this experience available to 60 students, not just six.

The result was to make a film based on a specific moment, June 1852, with children from Game Loft as actors, along with adult volunteers and staff. The scenes were filmed on location at the Penobscot Historical Society.

“The More Things Change” is a short film about how little topics like bullying, school reform and small town politics have changed over time. The film will premiere at the Colonial Theater, 163 High St., on Monday, July 11 at 6:30 p.m. After the film, there will be a brief discussion with the cast and crew about their experiences and thoughts on life in the nineteenth century.

This is a special presentation of a short film produced in collaboration between Belfast Community Media (BCTV) and The Game Loft’s I Know ME programme. The Loft’s IKME program works with students to elevate the aspirations of rural children by allowing them to explore and learn about the great state of Maine.

The execution time is 1 hour. Watch the trailer at For more information, contact Ray Estabrook at [email protected] or 207-322-3229.

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