How was Brad Pitt convinced by David Pincher to read the script for ‘Fight Club’?

One of the most iconic films, Fight Club, also became the most controversial and fiercely bloody film of the year. Starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, the film was directed by David Fincher who had to pitch the idea to the former actor in order to get it on board. Read on to find out how the director pitched the idea to Hollywood’s main man.

How did David Fincher convince Brad Pitt?

Fight Club was the story of an insomniac white-collar man unhappy with his life and forming an underground network Fight Club with a soap salesman who quickly took a violent turn. According to IMBD, Troy actor Brad Pitt was not initially interested in the film. However, director David Fincher went to visit the actor while he was filming for Meet Joe Black in 1998.

Fincher asked Brad for a beer where he pitched the idea of Fight Club to him. The actor finally gave in and agreed to read the script. The rest is history as the actor agreed to be a part of the film and played the iconic role of Tyler Durden in the film.

Why was Fight Club 1999 so controversial?

From the marketing of the film to the creative difference during the shooting, the director encountered all the difficulties after starting the film. Author Brian Raftery’s book How 1999 blew up the screen went into detail of how David Fincher Fight Club went from total failure to one of his next most-cited and cult films of all time. Determined to face the film, the director went so far as to dissolve his famous feud with 20th Century Fox.

During filming, the director was asked by narrator Edward Norton about the tone of the film which caused several delays between takes. The book also revealed that Fincher had no say in marketing the film despite his unique ideas for selling it. After facing a terrible box office failure, the director had to think about his decisions regarding the film. However, the hard work paid off for the director as after two decades the film has sold 6 million DVDs.

Learn more about Brad Pitt’s films

With a career spanning more than three decades, Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s most prominent figures. From films like Ocean’s Eleven, Thelma & Louise, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Moneyball, and The tree of life, the actor has delivered some of the greatest movies of all time. Last seen in Once upon a time in hollywood, Brad Pitt’s latest films will be Babylon and High-speed train.


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