IFH 604: How to write a screenplay super fast! with Jeff Bollow

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a screenplay quickly? I know I do. That’s why I invited on the show Award-winning producer/director, best-selling author, film festival organizer and speaker, Jeff Bollow.

He is the author of Write FAST: How to write anything at lightning speed. Jeff Bollow started acting at age 12 in his hometown of Los Angeles (credits include Don’t tell mom the babysitter is dead and televisions Colombo) before occupying almost all production positions, from camera to sound to lighting, development, post-production and distribution positions.

Jeff has worked on feature films, television series, commercials, music videos, radio and corporate productions for companies such as Universal, Castle Rock, Propaganda Films, DNA and Oxygen Network.

After emigrating to New Zealand, where he directed television for TV3 and co-founded the Big Mountain Short Film Festivalhe moved to Australia, where he launched Embryo Movies. Through his company, Jeff has reviewed over 20,000 project submissions and edited, evaluated and/or mentored over 350 projects. He has a doctoral script in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United States; and held over 80 live weekend workshops to over 1,200 writers in 9 cities in 5 countries, with a unanimous “recommendation” approval rating.

Its students have been chosen, produced, and won (and placed) in competitions around the world. He designed QUICK Scenario in 2004 and officially began construction in November 2009. It was finally completed in July 2016, almost 7 years later. At the same time, he created the FASTscreenplay YouTube channel, which now includes more than 30 detailed and insightful free videos to encourage writers and screenwriters around the world.

In May 2015, Jeff Bollow delivered his first TED Talk, “Expand your imagination… exponentially” at TEDxDocklands in Melbourne, Australia to prepare for the next phase of the larger plan. Jeff’s goal is to build an independent film studio that inspires creativity around the world, to help prepare humanity for the dramatic changes that the future holds. When he’s not busy helping writers with FAST Screenplay, he’s working on a new book, developing a TV series, and planning two feature film projects. Enjoy!