Independent Filmmaker Hosts Accessible Filmmaking Podcast for Fellow Filmmakers

Koura on the set of her first feature ‘Catching The Light’ filmed on location in Central Florida

Koura performing on location in Thibodaux, LA

“Filmmaking (actually)” is available on all major podcast streaming platforms, including Anchor (where you can click on any platform you like)

With nearly 20 years of experience in the film industry behind her, Koura Linda strives to share film industry knowledge in ways that are both useful and accessible.

Independent film shouldn’t be synonymous with “unprofessional” – and of course money helps, but money isn’t your problem. You can do it all with the right combination of skills, knowledge and talent.

—Koura Linda

SPRINGFIELD, USA, March 31, 2022 / — Countless cult classics didn’t make it because of a mega budget. Rather the opposite. The idea that the success of your film (and your career as a filmmaker) depends on the size of your wallet is unfortunately a deep-rooted myth that surrounds the industry. But money is money, knowledge is gold, and anyone with the necessary knowledge, skills and talent can achieve movie magic without going bankrupt.

On the “Filmmaking (actually)” podcast, multi-award winning independent filmmaker Koura Linda dismantles this myth one episode at a time, as she details what it takes to make a film. From finding (or writing) a good story, to casting and auditioning, securing funding, planning post-production, using festivals to grow your network, and everything else including travel tips and any other random but related topic.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the film industry behind her, Koura shares what she’s learned, so you can hopefully struggle less with mistakes and get to the successful parts of your own path faster. . Above all, Koura’s goal with the podcast is to make it accessible to everyone, and as such it is provided in different formats: audio, video with subtitles, written in the form of a blog, and ALWAYS for free. .

Accessibility is a largely absent aspect of the film industry, and much like the myths that you can’t do anything without tons of money, it’s a myth that accessibility has to be difficult or complicated. While everything is still a work in progress and additional efforts are still being made to increase the accessibility of podcast content, for now various formats are provided so that more people can access the information in the way that suits them. best suits.

Another great part of “Filmmaking (Actually)” is that while most other film-related podcasts are based on blaming about the film industry, tearing down the work of others, or more aimed at proving the relevance and the cool factor of the host, “Filmmaking (actually)” is all you really need to know as a filmmaker. Things like what to wear to Sundance – not so much about fashion, but more about not freezing Or what is “intentional cinema” and when do you need to make key choices about your projects? How to overcome the infamous “What’s your rate?/What’s your budget?” impasse? does business come into play as a filmmaker and what do you need to know about it? solid 5-star ratings on multiple platforms, including Apple Podcasts.

For her day job, Koura works to manage and manage Space Dream Productions, a full-service independent production company, with 3 partners, including her husband, musician and filmmaker Spaceship. Over 50 projects have passed (or are in the process of passing) through their company since September 2016. 30 completed projects have received more than 50 film festival acceptances internationally, receiving 80 nominations and 31 awards so far , including “Best Director” (awarded to both Koura Linda and Spaceship for 3 different films), “Best Animation”, “Best Drama: Short Film”, “Best Short Film”, and “Best Motion Picture”.

Several Space Dream Productions staff members as well as Koura and Spaceship work to schedule podcast guests, edit and proofread podcast transcripts, and post them to the blog, while Spaceship edits YouTube video versions with captions, and edits and publishes the podcast itself to keep the content distributed as accessible as possible at this stage.

Because everyone has a story. And everyone should be able to access and obtain knowledge that allows them to tell their story.

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Filmmaking (in fact): Episode 1: How do you make a film (in fact)?