Indian filmmaker Kartik Nishandar depicts the constant evolution of cinema with his work

India has long been known for its vibrant film industry and continues to be the top film producer in the world. Nevertheless, as in a number of wealthy countries with mature film industries, domestic demand for films appears to be declining. Accordingly, the econometric analysis shows how Indian audiences are now increasingly inclined towards realistic films, making it essential to uncover the elements that make films interesting for Indian consumers. Thanks to the manual work of the filmmakers, audiences are now more open to Indian content than before. Kartik Nishandar, through his Mumbai-based company GSEAMS (Global Sports Entertainment And Media Solutions), is one such filmmaker who works tirelessly in the same field.

The Amazon Original “Bali”, directed by Vishal Furia, who previously directed “Chhorii”, was the most recent work by this exceptional artist. The talented filmmaker has also directed 600 episodes of the TV show “Nakalat Saare Ghadle”. “Every movie you make should teach you something new and allow you to do something you never thought possible,” Kartik said when asked what advice he would give to budding artists in the world. industry.

With the major USP of “Content and Content Alone”, Kartik Nishandar believes that investing in the right content, regardless of budget or distribution, will always capture the attention of target audiences. Citing “The Kashmir Files” as an example. Kartik, as a staunch proponent of the adage, believes that “change is the only constant and it’s inevitable”, and responding to the same, he has an innate desire to stay abreast of what’s new in the world. ‘industry. Keeping up with the times, he continues to incorporate new technologies, cameras and lenses into his projects, not only refreshing his approach to work, but also introducing new technologies, cameras and lenses to his projects. Kartik has proven his intelligence and versatility in various ways, his mantra for success being “to be ahead of the curve”.

Speaking from his perspective on the film industry, Kartik said, “In my opinion, the value of the Indian film industry to the Indian economy cannot be overstated: in 2012, box office receipts of films India was $1.6 billion (McCarthy, 2014). , accounting for more than half of the service sector of the Indian economy. According to Fetscherin (2010), the film industry generates about 20% of all revenue for Indian media and entertainment industries. Moreover, despite the high reputation of Mumbai’s ‘Bollywood’, film production offers spillover benefits to other local economies, particularly Chennai, where film production has long been entrenched, with films produced in four major languages ​​of the southern India.

Cinema plays a vital role in a country like India, where hope is cherished above all else, and Kartik Nishandar through his Mumbai-based company GSEAMS (Global Sports Entertainment And Media Solutions) is causing a stir. He and his co-founder, Arjun Baran, work across a range of vertical markets. GSEAMS does tremendous work in a multitude of industries under its oversight, including web series, film, television production, and satellite aggregation. The popularity of the studio in the HSM sector continues to grow. GSEAMS’ first online series, “Samantar”, was created for MX Player. GSEAMS released a show called “Raktanchal Season 2” in February 2022, which received a lot of attention.

GSEAMS’ contributions to India’s content ecosystem, as well as their pan-Indian approach, have been remarkable and highly appreciated. Kartik’s goal for GSEAMS is to continue to deliver new concepts that will entertain and open people’s minds and broaden their perspectives. According to him, the rules of the film industry have brought about a substantial change in global consumer trends. Due to the adoption of technology and the globalization of talent, the quality of content has skyrocketed. In Hindi and Marathi, season 1 of this first web series, “Samantar”, has recorded over 160 million (16 crore) views, while season 2 has recorded over 180 million.

His other notable work is the Hindi series “Naxalbari”, which depicts the revolt of the Naxalites in India. Kartik’s second Hindi series “Raktaanchal Season 2” has just started streaming on MXPlayer and is doing quite well.