James Gunn teases’ 80s soundtrack for Peacemaker series

Looks like the Peacemaker soundtrack will be just as heavy and utterly radical as the rest of the series, as is tradition in James Gunn’s country.

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James Gunn looks like he’s at his absolute James Gunn-iest when audiences can finally discover his next one Peacemaker series. As a spin-off of The suicide squad which may or may not take place before and after the film in question, the John Cena-led project has been a bit of a conundrum since its announcement. But now one thing is certain: it will feature a lot of hair metal.

Now, there is a genre that many probably haven’t heard in a long time, while many others hear it on a daily basis. As guardians of the galaxy, Peacemaker Looks like it will return to Gunn’s preferred style of licensing classic hits that perfectly matches what’s happening on screen. Sure, The suicide squad was no slouch when it comes to its soundtrack. But unlike this film’s rather eclectic range of musical choices, Peacemaker will be much more focused, just like its central character.

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On a recent press tour, Gunn decided to tease enthusiastic fans a bit with some information about the soundtrack of the upcoming Peacemaker series. Although he doesn’t go into detail, he got as straightforward as possible while still being shy, saying “this is really hair metal … Lots of hair metal from the 80s, but it’s also a lot of modern sleaze rock and hair metal that comes from Europe – a lot of really good bands that people don’t know. ” It’s a good time to remember that the 1980s weren’t just good for cool one-liners.


So it looks like part of that more eccentric range of musical choices from The suicide squad also inspired its fallout. Not only that, but Cena fans can expect some rather endearing streak with the beefy protagonist. Namely, one of the first things shot during the production of Peacemaker It was a scene of Cena’s character dancing to hair metal … in his tights. Apparently, Gunn has a particular penchant for putting Cena in his underwear as much as possible (a theory posed by Cena himself on several occasions). But the star looks blatantly cool with it, so hooray for some consensual eye candy.

Although most details are still unknown on the Peacemaker series, the official description on HBO Max claims that it will “explore the origins” of Cena’s main character. He described himself quite well in The suicide squad, saying “I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women and children I have to kill to get it.” So if nothing else, it’s certainly a morbid and intriguing way to get people interested in seeing what makes this misguided cheesecake vibrate.

If nothing else, the knowledge of PeacemakerThe soundtrack can help set the tone for the series. Gunn is well known for picking the absolute perfect musical choice for any given scene. So knowing that most of these picks will be from the Def Leppard and Poison era will definitely put fans in the mood. This might be the best time to experience the new Peacemaker teasing.

Peacemaker will air in January 2022 on HBO Max.

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