Jis Joy: Film making is going to be more difficult in the future | Malayalam Movie News

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed life and everything associated with it. From virtual classrooms to remote work, the world is changing at a rapid pace. And the entertainment industry too. Producers and filmmakers who relied solely on FDFS and week one income had to focus on OTT platforms. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Malayalam director Jis Joy discusses how the pandemic has added more challenges to the filmmaking process.

“These days when I’m sure I have to tell this story, I speed things up. It takes about 6 months to a year to complete a script. There could be possibilities that a similar type of script could come out during this time, and all of your hard work would be in vain. There is so much new talent coming in every two days. So I think you have to make the film right away once the script is finished, the producer is ready and the actors’ dates are locked, ”Jis Joy shares.

The filmmaker also adds that the change in film viewing habits by audiences has influenced the type of films they want to watch. “The kind of films people enjoyed before and after the pandemic are not the same. People want fast movies these days. All have access to OTT platforms and there are many options available, which meet their needs. Back then, you had no choice but to watch the movie in theaters, until it ended. Today, in the age of the digital boom, you don’t have to tell compelling and engaging stories. If the audience doesn’t agree with what they’re watching, they’ll pause and leave it halfway. We live in a time when you get the answer for a movie, before it even finishes 10 minutes of showing. People immediately post their opinions on social media and microblogging platforms. You must be responsible and concerned with all of these returns. Previously, if you like or dislike the movie, discussions would start and end in a circle of people, whether you got together at your regular tea party or at local gatherings. Today, if a person is not happy with what you delivered, it would affect the course of the film. Mass media like cinema is loved by thousands and even if two of them do critics, it will influence tens of thousands. Making films is going to be more difficult in the future, ”Jis Joy ends the conversation.

On the work side, Jis Joy will direct Asif Ali in his next one.