Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker 2 Takes a Break, No Script Faces the Studio

While DC’s latest outing, Matt Reeves The Batman doing wonders at the box office, garnering praise from audiences and critics alike, his other planned feature, the Todd Phillips sequel Joker received a disappointing update for fans.

According to La Directe (in a piece taken from The Ankler), the studio, to date, has not received any drafts on the sequel from the film’s writing team. The film was greenlit earlier by the studio due to the unexpected success of the first film, which grossed over $1 billion at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing R-Rated film of all time. The announcement of a sequel was met with mixed reception as some fans argued for the need for a sequel to a highly personal and relatable comic book adaptation. The film reportedly began production in 2023, but the fact that director and co-writer Todd Phillips has yet to write a draft, nothing concrete can be said about the film’s status.


Joker 2: A Movie Caught In DC’s Volatile Decision-Making

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Joker was a mostly independent release, with no connections to the DC Extended Universe, or Matt Reeves batverse. The film, whose foundations were laid by Martin Scorsese’s involvement in the project, was later transformed into a neo-noir psychological thriller, which delved into more thematic representations and allegorical representations than any other film. cartoon before.

Dealing with ideas of mental health, depression, anxiety, social stratification, lack of empathy and consequences of austerity, Joker won hearts for her personal and close-to-the-heart story, which surprised all the fans. Set in the 1980s, the film also created a very distinct backdrop for elements of Batman lore, such as the depiction of Gotham as a corrupt character and an ideology instead of a city, the connection between the Waynes and Joker, Joker’s idea of ​​anarchy and rebellion. , as well as his transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime.

That’s what made Joker autonomous and paved the way for the sequel. However, the sequel is currently caught between DC’s shifting ideas for its upcoming movie slate. The studio runs two different franchises – DCEU and Batverse. While batverse has successfully established land with The Batmanwhich shares its own cinematic universe, the DCEU faces issues with the flash as the studio is still hatching ideas for using the multiverse and unifying its other properties. Between, joker, who is free from mystical elements as in DCEU, and is more of a human story, is slowing down. Additionally, it’s likely that Todd Phillips was unable to produce a draft due to the complex nature of his first film, which deviated from other comic book films.

No matter the reason, joker 2 is still officially launched for 2023 production, and Phillips might come up with a plot in the meantime. Given the impact of the first movie, fans are surely waiting for a sequel, but many are still divided over whether Arthur Fleck is going incredibly crazy for being an empathetic, world-weary man.

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