Jordan Peele reveals his off-the-beaten-path filmmaking strategy

by Universal

Screenwriter, director and producer Jordan Pele is drawn to film projects that challenge him to step out of his comfort zone.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Oscar-winning actor opened up about the things that fuel his creativity.

“All I know is that I have to start with a big risk. I have to start with something that I’m not supposed to do, something that I don’t know yet if I can do. And then the project resulting from this is a bit ambitious.

With get out, it all started with this notion of ‘I have to entertain, even if I don’t have the money to do it.’ And so it has to be about the journey that I take the audience on. It’s become what people expect from my films, so it’s been very important to preserve that sense of mystery.

Peele was speaking during a fascinating panel discussion with several cast members of NOPEincluding Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea, where the multi-faceted talent shared new details about his latest sci-fi horror flick and how it intersects with the fears of the real life.

His previous films get out and We are built around the pernicious consequences of otherness, and from what he revealed in the interview, it seems that NOPE will continue to explore this theme in the context of an extraterrestrial encounter.

Peele previously revealed that he’s happiest working in horror and suspense and has no plans to explore other film genres anytime soon. Considering some fans recently named him the greatest horror movie director in cinematic history, it’s clear he’s found his footing.