Kareena Kapoor was not approached for The Incarnation Sita, confirms the screenwriter: “Always wanted Kangana Ranaut” | Bollywood

Rumors that actors Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone are approached for The Incarnation – Sita are false, said the film’s screenwriter, Manoj Muntashir. He added that the creators always wanted Kangana Ranaut to play the lead role.

It was announced earlier this week that Kangana Ranaut will star as Sita, the Ramayan, in the upcoming epic drama The Incarnation – Sita. The film will be directed by Alaukik Desai. The screenplay was co-written by KV Vijayendra Prasad and Alaukik, outside of Manoj.

In an interview with Free Press Journal, Muntashir said, “I’m delighted that Kangana is playing Sita. She was on our priority list. Rumors were circulating about actresses like Kareena and Deepika being approached for the project, but they didn’t. were not true. The Sita Devi that we sketched has different shades, and Kangana is the best cast from that point of view. Once you see the movie in theaters, you won’t be able to see anyone in her place. never approached other actresses and always wanted Kangana to play the title role. The search for a young actress to play the title role was underway, as it is about Sita in her youth. “

Speaking about choosing Kangana for the role, Muntashir said, “She believes in the character of Sita. Few people are naturally inclined to this area. With most actresses, you will have to make them understand what Sita’s DNA is. But Kangana is Sita … Besides, Kangana has a strong personality, and my Sita is not shy, shy or vulnerable. She is someone who takes a stand, who makes decisions. She has to be the bearer- flag of Indian feminism – Sita should be a role model. ”

Previously, reports had claimed that Kareena Kapoor had asked ??12 crore for trying out the role of Sita in the movie. Although Kareena did not clarify the claims, in an interview with The Guardian she said, “I am saying clearly what I want and I think respect should be given. It is not about being demanding. , it’s about being respectful to women, and I think things are changing.

On Tuesday, not only did the directors announce that Kangana would be directing the film, the actor also shared a poster of the film on his Instagram Stories. She thanked the manager for the opportunity.

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Meanwhile, Kangana was recently sighted in Thalaivii. She also has Dhaakad and Tejas in the works. In Tejas, she will play the role of an Indian Air Force pilot.

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