Kevin Schewe’s BAD LOVE TIGERS screenplay wins awards from Cannes, Las Vegas and LA to Hong Kong

JASPER, INDIANA, USA, July 6, 2022 / — In less than six months on the international screenplay circuit, Kevin Schewe’s Bad Love Tigers has generated momentum during its whirlwind sweep of the world, earning acclaim at film festivals spanning from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and dozens of places in between. As of the end of June 2022, the screenplay has amassed an astounding 83 awards, including Best Original Story at the Cannes World Film Festival, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplay at the Vegas Movie Awards, Best Screenplay at the London Classic Film Festival and Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

Schewe’s Bad Love Tigers is a sci-fi, action-adventure, and feel-good mix between Stand by Me and Raiders of the Lost Ark or Back to the Future and Goonies. The energetic and fun storyline has strong appeal and great potential to attract audiences of all ages to the big screen. This incredible display of global interest shows that Bad Love Tigers is already a global phenomenon, crossing cultures and borders and demonstrating its potential to be a blockbuster on the big screen once again.

Schewe kept the public updated via his Instagram account. After winning the Cannes World Film Festival, Schewe shared this post. “The Bad Love Gang and I are totally honoured, humbled and delighted for the stars of this magnificent victory in France! Thank you, FCFF!

When Bad Love Tigers won the prestigious Vegas Movie Awards, Schewe commented, “The Bad Love Gang and I are thrilled and honored by this recognition and so excited to present this trendy feel-good film. big screen. It’s the year of the tiger and it’s time to get the Bad Love Tigers flying!

Bad Love Tigers, book two of twelve planned in the Bad Love book series, is about a dynamic group of young adventurers, known as the Bad Love Gang, who use a time machine to travel to the n the era of World War II, meet President Roosevelt and embark on a perilous secret mission to protect an alien spaceship and defeat the Japanese in battle. Keeping America’s deepest secret safe at Area 51 depends on the success of their quest.

“If history were taught in this way in school, everyone would be a scholar and educate us not only about our accomplishments but also about the horrors of the past that should awaken and provide insight into the path of a future best. A rare pearl!”

—David Holladay, MD, 5 stars

Bad Love Tigers, winner of 72 international awards!

Best Screenplay, Eastern Europe International Movie Awards (Izmir, Turkey)
Best Original Story, Cannes World Film Festival (Cannes, France)
Best Feature Script, HALO International Film Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Best Feature Film Script and Best Action Script, Top Film Awards Film Festival
Best Feature Script, Golden Nugget International Film Festival (London, UK)
Best Screenplay, 52 Weeks Film Festival (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplay, Vegas Movie Awards (Las Vegas, NV)
Best Screenplay, Indo-Global 2022 Film Festival (Mumbai, India)
· Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Masters of Cinema International Film Festival (Rome, Italy)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Stardust Films and Screenplays Festival (New York, NY)
Best Feature Script, Red Moon Film Festival (New York, NY)
Outstanding Achievement, Swedish International Film Festival (Arkiva, Sweden)
Best Screenplay Award for Best Science Fiction Screenplay, London Film Festival (London, UK)
Best Screenplay, The Gladiator Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
Best Screenplay, Inca Imperial International Film Festival (Lima, Peru)
Best Non-Produced Screenplay, Indiefare International Film Festival
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Hong Kong World Film Festival (Hong Kong)
Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Movie Awards (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Feature Script, New York Neorealism Film Awards (Rome, Italy)
Best Screenplay, London Classic Film Festival (London, UK)
· Official selection for Best Feature Screenplay, Best Original Screenplay and Best Poster, Golden Giraffe International Film Festival (Nice, France)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Red Dragon Creative Awards (Dallas, Texas)
Best Short Screenplay, Silver Mask Live Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Screenplay Written During the Pandemic, Redwood Shorts & Scripts (Sunnyvale, CA)
Critic’s Choice Award for Best Screenplay/Screenplay, International Motion Picture Festival of India (Pondicherry, India)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Mykonos International Film Festival (Mykonos, Greece)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge (Punjab, India)
Outstanding Achievement for Feature Film Script, Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards (Kolkata, India)
Best Feature Script, South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Rancagua, Chile)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Gold Star Movie Awards (Newark, New Jersey)
Prize for best science fiction screenplay, BRNO Film Festival (Brno, Czech Republic)
Best Feature Script, Filmmaker Life Awards (Hollywood, CA)
Best Screenplay Award, The Madrid Art Film Festival (Madrid, Spain)
Best Feature Script, White Unicorn International Film Festival (Hong Kong, India, Japan)
Audience Award for Feature Film, Black Swan International Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
Best Screenplay/Script for a Feature Film, Indo-French International Film Festival (Pondicherry, India)
Best Screenplay, New York Independent Cinema Awards (New York, NY)
Best Feature Script, World Indie Film Awards (Chongqing, China)
Best Screenplay (Sci-Fi), Los Angeles Film & Script Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
Best Young Adult Screenplay, Bridge Fest Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)
Best Thriller Screenplay, Adbhooture Film Festival (West Bengal, India)
Feature Film Outstanding Achievement Award, Royal Society of Television and Motion Picture (Kolkata, India)
Feature Film Script for Outstanding Achievement, Druk International Film Festival (DIFF) (Paro, Bhutan)
Best Feature Script, Gangtok International Film Festival (Gangtok, India)
Best Screenplay, Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards (Rome, Italy)
Best Screenplay of the Month, Watch Out International Film Festival (Philadelphia, PA)
Outstanding Achievement, Tagore International Film Festival (West Bengal, India)
Best Screenplay, New Wave Short Film Festival (Munich, Germany)
Best screenwriter in a feature film, Onyko Film Awards (Odessa, Ukraine)
Best Thriller Screenplay and Best Screenplay of the Month, Golden Wings International Film Awards (UK/India)
Best Feature Script, Sea of ​​Art International Film Festival (Plock, Poland)
Best Feature Script, NYC International Film Festival (New York, NY)
Best Feature Script, Medusa Film Festival
· Special Achievement Award, World Film Carnival-Singapore (Singapore)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Open Window International Film Challenge (Kolkata, India)
Best Story Award, Beyond Earth Film Festival (Kolkata, India)
Best Sci-Fi Feature Script, Karukrit International Film Festival (Himachal Pradesh, India)
Best Feature Script, San Antonio Independent Film Festival (San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador)
Best Feature Screenplay, Five Continents International Film Festival
Best Original Screenplay, Naples Film Awards (Naples, Italy)
Best Feature Film Script, Cineville Calcutta Global Cinefest (Kolkata, India)
Best Feature Script, Mumbai International Film Festival (Mumbai, India)
· Best Feature Film Script and Best Science Fiction Screenplay, Oniros Film Awards (New York, NY)
Best Science Fiction Screenplay, New York International Film Awards (New York, NY)
Best Feature Script, Bright International Film Festival (London, UK)
Best Original Screenplay, Rome International Movie Awards (Rome, Italy)
Best Feature Screenplay (Honourable Mention), Florence Film Awards (Florence, Italy)

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About Kevin Schewe: Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO, is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in private practice in radiation oncology for over 34 years. He is an entrepreneur, having founded Elite Therapeutics and Bad Love Cosmetics Company, LLC.

A lifelong history buff, Schewe is the author of the Bad Love Book Series, a sci-fi adventure for young adults ages 10 to 100 that covers much of early 20th-century history. You can connect with Kevin Schewe through his website or through Instagram @realkevinschewe

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