krishna: Love Mocktail 2 is a simple story with an interesting storyline: Darling Krishna | Kannada Movie News

Darling Krishna is set for the release of his second directorial outing, Love Mocktail 2. He admits he loves directing and hopes to do more, adding that his second film will be the perfect family outing now that all the restrictions have been lifted. in Bengaluru. “There are no vulgar or uncomfortable scenes. It’s an enjoyable film and I’m sure people will enjoy it,” he says.

As for when the idea of ​​a sequel first struck him, Krishna recalls, “It was mid-March 2020, probably a month and a half after our release. A lot of people were just stopping not to ask us if there would be a sequel. I asked Milana about the idea of ​​doing a sequel. She wasn’t too sure because she felt that the story had some kind of conclusion in the first part. I asked him to think, because you can always take a character’s journey forward. It took three months to figure out what we could do. Krishna says it was a challenge for him and Milana to write the script of the film. “It’s a simple story. Love Mocktail had many layers, as there was the journey from school to college to work, followed by marriage and death. This movie is pretty much about Adi, who has lost his wife and is moving on. yarn is simple, but we played with the script,” he explains. What motivates the team is the moment of release. Krishna shares, “For the past three years, February has been special for us. In 2020 Love Mocktail became popular with the public, in 2021 we got married and this year we have the release of Love Mocktail 2. We hope this year will be as memorable as the previous two years.”

There’s always pressure on the director of a blockbuster film to make his second successful too. Weighing in on this, Krishna opines, “You can get a hit by chance, but it gets hard to get a good movie. So my goal has always been to make a good movie whether it’s a hit or a flop. I think I made it.”

The other strong point of the Love Mocktail series is the music. “When I sat down for songwriting sessions, I used to tell Nakul the situation. I would close my eyes and listen to his tunes to see if it matched how I felt. that, so I knelt down.