Liger Trailer – Puri Jagannadh Magical Storyline Should

If expertly told, a tale of rags to riches is a viable concept. For these kinds of stories, a new setup, an interesting storyline and the necessary emotions are prerequisites. For his first pan-Indian film, Liger, directed by puri jagannadh, which stars vijay deverakonda in the lead role, he chose a sports drama genre and infused it with his own style in terms of character design and storyline. The movie’s Telugu trailer has been unveiled by megastar Chiranjeevi and rebel star Prabhas.

Liger is a motivational tale about an oppressed mumbai chai vendor whose life is full of drama and adventure. Almost nothing prevents him from achieving his goal, including love-hate and insults. He is abused by his mother, coach, and lover, which helps him grow as a person. The trailer actually opens with ramya krishna defining the name Liger he gave his baby, which makes a suggestion of how he was born. Then we witness the bravery and madness of Vijay Deverakonda in the ring. Not only does he throw hard punches, but he also dances erratically in the ring.

If you’re wondering if Mike Tyson is in attendance. Naturally, he’s there to deliver the trailer’s final blow. When Mike Tyson says, “If you’re a fighter, who am I?” in its own distinctive way, it kind of leaves us wanting more because we have to wait for the movie premiere to find out more about this deadly combination. However, the main cast and crew have worked together to create a masterful trailer that packs a massive punch. When it comes to portraying his heroes in unique roles and giving them the best makeovers, Puri Jagannadh is a master.