List of Netflix movie soundtracks ‘The Starling’

by netflix Starling strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama, and its soundtrack full of indie folk and R&B songs help set the mood. Curious about all the songs used in the film directed by Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd? Let’s break them down.

Directed by Theodore Melfi and written by Matt Harris, Starling focuses on married couple Lilly and Jack (McCarthy and O’Dowd) struggling to move forward after their child dies. As Jack recovers in a mental health facility, Lilly finds solace in her gardening. The film’s eponymous bird begins attacking her in the process, but plays a surprisingly important role in her healing journey.

When it came to finding music for Starling, the film benefited from the help of a seasoned pro: music supervisor Julia Michels, who has worked on films like Perfect, The greatest showman, and 2018 A star is born.

“I would say I’ve probably listened to at least 1,000 songs on this movie because we have several key spots,” she said in a Netflix press release. “Like Melissa sitting on the porch listening to music and several montages. When I’m looking for something super emotional that needs to hit a bunch of beats, actually I [watch footage with the song playing] before I make up my mind.

Here is the full list of soundtracks:

  • “Isabelle Fly” – Les Lumineers (original song)
  • “One Day at a Time” – Tacoma
  • “Sun” – Les Jaynetts
  • “Find another reason why” – Judah and the lion
  • “Simple Sound of Morning” – Nate Ruess (original song)
  • “Morning Sun” – Mélodie Gardot
  • “To be truly loved” – Alyssa Garcia
  • “On the road” – Les Gravitons
  • “Way Too Fine (Latin Remix)” – Tia P.
  • “The Last Time” – Brandi Carlile (original song)
  • “It wasn’t me” – Brandi Carlile

Starling is now streaming on Netflix.

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