Mondo Announces New Limited Edition Dredd Poster and Vinyl Soundtrack – Exclusive | Movies

Dred, which saw Karl Urban take on the role of the stone-jawed lawman born from the pages of 200 AD, turns 10 this year. Since its release it has achieved cult favorite status, and to celebrate Mondo is releasing a new limited edition poster and, in collaboration with Thought Bubble, an exclusive new limited edition soundtrack on vinyl. And we have an exclusive look at both for you.

The poster, created by Luke Preece, is limited to 150 prints and costs $60.

As for the vinyl, the two-disc set is pressed on eco-recycled vinyl using randomly colored pellets, ensuring that each disc is unique. It includes a bonus disc of remixes by Mogwai, John Tejada, PT Adamczyk and three neo-classical piano renditions by composer Paul Leonard-Morgan. Only 300 copies will be printed.

The poster and vinyl will launch on on November 16th. On November 10, Mondo will take over the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds to launch the soundtrack and poster featuring DJ sets from Mogwai, Crash Records and live performances from Dream Division. You can listen to Mogwai’s remix of “She’s A Pass” here.

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