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This week saw the premiere of an all-new franchise entry featuring Star Trek: Prodigy. Since Thursday’s debut, there have been a few updates from Paramount + and the team behind the show.

Writers talk about the origins of Murf

In an interview with Syfy, Dan and Kevin Hageman revealed that the character of Murf was not part of their original pitch for the series and was added “very late in the game”. They developed:

Kevin: We were falling more and more in love with the show and the characters. And we thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if, for some reason, the last part of the [pilot] the script is – what if Dal (voiced by Brett Gray) returns from being sent to the surface of the planet, does he quickly find out he’s been replaced by this semi-sensitive drop? “

Dan: And I think we ended up including Rok-Tahk, the one who brings Murf on board. [the starship Protostar], in a slightly different way. But it started as a joke. And, the more we think about it, we kind of like this idea that – because it’s for a Nickelodeon show – there should be like a dog type character, you know? Something kids can easily lock onto. Our goal here was, if the typical Star Trek shows are [about] fully educated adults, let’s see children who grow up and fail.

Prodigy Writer Julie Benson revealed some of the different names writers considered before thinking of a pilot she worked with on The 100 named “Murph”.

We still don’t know exactly what Murf is, and writer Aaron Waltke teased that there is a canon connection that no one has guessed yet. The TrekMovie team will guess a connection to this blue bio-neural gel used by the USS Voyager.

New promotional video

This promo shows some of what will happen in the first season.

Cast, creations and clip on Preparation room

The Hageman brothers and Kate Mulgrew have joined The preparation room, as well as an excerpt from episode 3 (coming next week).

And here are more from the cast and producers, giving an overview of the series.

Character sheets

Paramount + has released a series of character sheets with details on each.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge

Besides, it’s PRO

In case you were wondering, Waltke also confirmed that the official three letter abbreviation used for Prodigy is “PRO”.

Another Traveler Easter eggs

While the canon connections for this first episode of a show designed to attract new fans were few, the writers still had a few (as our reviewer noted). The one we missed was pointed out by writer Aaron Waltke with Dal’s mention of “Dream Window, originally from Traveler Body and Soul episode.

Soundtrack driver available digitally now

Nami Melumad’s sheet music for the first two episodes has been digitally released and is available now on Spotify, Apple, Pandora and other music streaming services.

Paramount + gift

Paramount + is running a Twitter contest where you can win a $ 100 gift card just by commenting on a tweet. The deadline is Sunday October 31st at midnight.

New episodes of Prodigy premiere on thursday Paramount + in the United States and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it is also available to stream on Very wanting to. It is available on Paramount + in Latin America, the Nordic countries and Australia. It will make its debut in 2022 in other regions of Europe with the launch of the Paramouint + Sky partnership.

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