Music journalism, linebacks and shows on the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack, the 1969 Memphis Blues Festival, Jajouka master musicians, racial discrimination in orchestras and more win the 52nd annual awards of the ASCAP Foundation awarded to the Taylor / Virgil Thomson Awards

NEW YORK, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The recently named winners of the 52sd annual The ASCAP Foundation awards the Taylor / Virgil Thomson Prizes for exceptional impression, broadcast, sleeve notes and new music media coverage cover an impressive range of eclectic musical topics – including the first blues recording by a black artist; the question of racial prejudice in orchestras, the career of a great jazz critic, the endurance of from Morocco Master Musicians of Jajouka; a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a classic 1960s film soundtrack; a profile of a composer and educator dedicated to diversity and sustainability, a 1969 Memphis blues festival; and a look at a composer / flautist who integrates politics into her work.

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Created in 1967 to honor the memory of the composer, critic and commentator Judge Taylor, who died in 1966 after a distinguished career that included six years as President of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), the ASCAP Foundation believes that the Taylor / Virgil Thomson Awards are made possible through the generous support of the Virgil Thomson Foundation. Virgil thomson (1896 – 1989) was one of the foremost American composers and critics of the 20e century and former board member of ASCAP.

ASCAP Foundation 2021 judges Taylor /Virgil thomson The award recipients are:

Justice Taylor /Virgil thomson Price for an article in the field of pop music is presented at Daphne A. Brooks for 100 Years Ago “Crazy Blues” Spawned A Revolution For Black Women Fans, “ Posted in The New York Times.

Justice Taylor /Virgil thomson Price for an article in the field of concert music go to Aaron Flagg for its story, “Anti-Black Discrimination in American Orchestras. “

The Virgil thomson Outstanding Music Critic Award in the field of concert music is presented at Corinna from Fonseca-Wollheim for her New York Times article, “Part teacher, part Den Mother, a composer encourages diversity, ” a look at the career and mentoring activities of Californiacomposer and teacher Gabriela Lena Frank.

The Virgil thomson Outstanding Music Critic Award in the field of pop music recognizes Ted gioia for his appreciation of the legendary jazz critic Whitney balliett, “The music critic who tried to disappear “, published by City newspaper.

Paul Williams Prize “Loved the Liner Notes” from the ASCAP Foundation for pop music honors an academic in film music Jon burlingame for his work on the recording MIDNIGHT COWBOY (an expanded reissue of the classic 1969 film soundtrack) on Quartet Records. The “Loved the Liner Notes” award was created in 2016 and is funded by Paul williams, President of the ASCAP Foundation.

The Deems Taylor / Virgil Thomson TV Broadcast Award honors Large opossum discs and No sudden movements for the release of the documentary Memphis ’69 (Joe LaMatinna, director; Lisa LaMattina, Producer and Bruce watson, executive producer), which chronicles the three days of the 1969 Memphis Country Blues Festival. The program includes performances by notable blues giants of the time, including Sleepy John Estes, Son Thomas, Robert wilkins, Bukka White and Mississippi Fred McDowell. The documentary is currently available for viewing on YouTube.

The Deems Taylor Prize / Virgil Thomson Broadcast / Media recognize Frank J. Oteri new music the United States New music box for the podcast, “VALERIE COLEMAN: WRITE MUSIC FOR PEOPLE. “

The Deems Taylor / Virgil Thomson Special Recognition Award is given to John kruth for his timely article, “Ceremonies against the virus: Bachir Attar of the Master Musicians of Jajouka“, published by the online journal, Please kill me.

The 2021 ASCAP Foundation Taylor / Virgil Thomson Jury was made up of ASCAP members Michelle DiBucci, Paul Yeon Lee, Terry radigan and Dom Flemons. Jim steinblatt provided professional advice and guidance.

More information and a link to apply for The ASCAP Foundation Deems Taylor / Virgil Thomson awards are available at

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Founded in 1975, the ASCAP Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting American music creators and encouraging their development through music education and talent development programs. Included in these are songwriting workshops, grants, scholarships, awards, recognition and community outreach programs for songwriters, composers and lyricists. The ASCAP Foundation is supported by contributions from ASCAP members and music lovers across the United States.

About the Virgil Thomson Foundation
The purpose of the Virgil Thomson Foundation is to foster and promote the performance, preservation, dissemination and public appreciation of serious music in general and the music and writings of Virgil thomson specifically.



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