Neil Gaiman leaked Sandman script to prevent film from being made

It doesn’t look like Gaiman doesn’t like the script.

It proved that Gaiman didn’t just like the script.

Neil Gaiman spent years looking for the right partner to film the Sandman comic. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gaiman admitted that he once leaked the script for one of the film adaptation versions so that it wouldn’t become a movie.

The quote, the remark that continues by Gaiman, was about the adaptation, which was commissioned by Warner Bros, a concept that was all the rage from the early two years of 2000, which after the film was released was not perfect.

Neil Gaiman


I have never read the worst case scenario. Not only is the worst script based on the Sandman name, this latest script ever sent to me.

The writing was submitted anonymously to the editor of Aint It Cool News. After reading the reviews, the writer realized that he not only didn’t like the script, but also didn’t like it.

Neil Gaiman


I submitted the script to Aint It Cool News back when they were still being read. I wonder what Aint It Cool News thought of a script they got from an anonymous source.

They wrote a shocking article about how it was the worst script they had ever received. And then the prospect of launching the film into production faded.

It took a long time to research the studio that would turn The Sandman into a studio. The Sandman series was released on Netflix, which suited Neil perfectly. There is a second season for the writer.

It’s interesting.

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