Noel Clarke Says He’s Writing Script About Being ‘Cancelled’ Over Unproven Allegations

Hoping to turn a negative into a positive, Noel Clarke uses his actual “cancellation” as inspiration for a storyline. In 2021, multiple misconduct allegations were made against Clarke, with major consequences for her career. BAFTA suspended his membership and withdrew the actor’s award for outstanding achievement in British cinema. It was later reported that police closed their investigation without bringing any charges against Clarke, noting that there was insufficient evidence to prove any of the allegations.

On Friday, Clarke took Twitter to announce that he is writing a screenplay about the experience. In the tweet, Clarke notes that he has about 30 pages in his script, perhaps finding it therapeutic to write so that he refers to the PTSD he suffered from because of what happened. . He simply wrote, “I’m scripting all this shit. Got 30 pages, but PTSD is real.”


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Noel Clarke has cried foul over the allegations

This announcement comes shortly after Clarke posted a video on Twitter talking about the case. The actor reiterates in the video that he has not been charged with any crime and points out that detectives can corroborate his side of the story. He also reveals that he personally requested information from the police for his case through the UK Freedom of Information Act only to learn that no complaints had been made against him with the Metropolitan Police.

“I want you to remember what was said about me,” Clarke says in the clip. “More people show up to the police, ‘Police are investigating this, that and the other’, and eventually, ‘Police stop investigation due to insufficient evidence’ and all that kind of bullshit. I’m going to remember all of that, because it might give me more PTSD, but that’s what we’re saying.

Defending his right of access, Clarke adds: “My right of access told me, in black and white from the Metropolitan Police, that in over 40 years of my life there has never been a complaint or police report about me. , ever, in any way, shape or form. There is no document found anywhere on the system where I am named as a person who is complained, or a suspect. Interesting. So, I guess now, I was so mean and manipulative that I did everything just below the level of criminality. Or, maybe there was a bit of exaggeration, collusion, embellishment and bullshit. But, hey, I’m just saying. There are a lot of bad people in this. I promise you I wasn’t one.

It’s not yet known if Clarke plans to play himself in the story he’s writing about the cancellation.