Norm Macdonald adapted his book into a screenplay before he died

Picture via Comedy Central

In addition to a Netflix comedy special, Norman Macdonald left the screenplay for a film adaptation of his famous book, Based on a true story.

Geoff Edgers, Macdonald’s trusted scribe, wrote in the Washington Post that the Canadian comedian adapted his “memoirs” in film form around June 2020.

This wasn’t the first mention of a film adaptation. In February 2019, Macdonald announced on Twitter that he had “begun the process of adapting Based on a true story in a movie “.

He didn’t brief us, but, thanks to Edgers, we now know he wrote a screenplay – albeit a rough one – after his second stem cell transplant to treat his cancer, which he was diagnosed with in 2013. After another transplant and a hospital stay that resulted in an infection, Macdonald died on September 14, 2021, at the age of 61.

First title Based on a true story: a memoir then changed to Based on a true story: not a memoir after people doubted the veracity of its outrageous plot, the 2016 book is a meditation on the concept of truth versus fact. The book is true, Macdonald had asserted, but not factual – the same as is said of great novels, for they can tell the truth of existence better than strict non-fiction. Based on a true story is considered one of the greatest comic novels of all time and almost certainly the most narratively complex celebrity “memoir”.

Stay tuned for a Based on a true story movie after watching Macdonald’s first posthumous release Nothing in particular when it debuts on Netflix on May 30.