OpenAI’s GPT-3 Now Writes Short Film Screenplay With A Plot Twist

With the huge buzz since its release in June, OpenAI’s GPT-3 has come a long way in fooling people – from starting a fake blog to writing opinionated articles to posting comments. on Reddit and roasting Elon Musk’s tweets.

Such advanced tasks handled by GPT-3 have enabled people, as well as researchers, to realize its immense potential for creating general artificial intelligence. The model not only learned to code, but also to compose music, art, poetry as well as math – has been applied in many interesting ways. In addition to his accomplishments, GPT-3 has now come up with a short film script – Solicitors.

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A short film of about 4 minutes – Solicitors – was written by GPT-3, which is not the best script but not even the worst, given that a machine wrote it. The script was initiated by a few lines, written by two senior student filmmakers at Chapman University, which were machine-fed, and the rest of the script was generated taking advantage of the massive language model.

The film begins with a man knocking on a woman’s door to tell the story of an accident in which he was involved. With the machine writing the screenplay, it got a little hard for the audience to figure it out, but it pretended to have a twist ending.

GPT-3 learns to make films

To write the AI-generated scenario, the students used a GPT-3 tool called – Shortly Read, which documented the entire scenario post the first 20 seconds. The lines that went to the system were, “Barb is reading a book. A knock on the door. She gets up and opens it. Rudy, looking awkward, stands on the other side.

With the 175 billion parameters of the GPT-3 that he has formed, he is working to bring out associations. The algorithm draws a parallel between words and sentences based on its training data. According to media, the story seems to be a bit odd and not as compelling or character-driven, but given the fact that it is written by machines; he did indeed get the benefit of the doubt.

In fact, the GPT-3 tool – To read in no time – has a slogan of “Never experience writer’s block, never again”, which was designed to inspire writers and authors with their content when faced with some kind of writer’s block when writing ‘stories. While that sounds good, many experts believe that “what help can a writer get from a tool like this before it turns into something like cheating?” “

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Well, this isn’t the first time an AI tool has been used to write a script or make a movie; However, this may be the first time the AI ​​tool has been specially trained to write screenplays. And, according to experts, now that GPT-3 is capable of scripting, what else it can be good for – legal briefs, press articles, political analysis, letters to loved ones, etc. It was the advancement of the tool and its potential in a plethora of use cases that put the creators of the algorithm in the dilemma of releasing it completely.


Interviewed, media futurist and algorithmic filmmaker Alexis kirke, mentioned that it’s crucial for us to get used to the idea of ​​artificial intelligence being part of our creative endeavors, especially when it comes to writing movie scripts.

He told the media – “A huge amount of experience has been codified by screenwriters, producers, directors, screenwriters, etc. However, currently, if someone wants to reduce the number of adverbs and adjectives in their script, there is an algorithm for that. If anyone wants to make sure their characters’ dialogue sounds good[s] different from each other, there is an algorithm for this. There is even an algorithm to generate alternative, less cliché rewrites of a page that keep its general meaning. So, we should all get used to this fact. With algorithms available for almost any task, GPT-3 has made its position the most accurate among them.

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