Original Flash Movie Writer Discusses Scrapped DCEU Script

Grant Morrison, one of the original screenwriters of The Flash movie, discusses the scrapped DCEU script originally conceived with Ezra Miller.

Grant Morrison, one of the original screenwriters of the flash movie, talks about the abandoned DCEU script they did with Ezra Miller. One of the DCEU projects that has taken the longest to come to life on screen is the DCEU’s adaptation of the flash. Miller was cast in the role in October 2014, with plans to debut in a Flash solo film in 2018. However, the flash ended up being stuck in development limbo after losing its director multiple times. Over the years, Seth Grahame-Smith, Rick Famuyiwa, as well as John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have come and gone. the flash film at different stages and for various reasons.


The same can be said of the screenwriters of the film, as there were several scribes attached to the flash script. Prior to Birds of prey Christina Hodson penning the final screenplay for the upcoming 2023 film, famed DC Comics writer Grant Morrison was temporarily on board. In early 2019, Miller teamed up with Morrison to write a screenplay for The flash. At the time, the project was also an attempt to keep Miller involved with the project as Barry Allen. Despite their attempt, Andy Muschietti and Hodson boarded the flash in May 2019 as the film’s final director and screenwriter, respectively.

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Whereas Morrison (who, like Miller, uses the pronouns they/them) and Miller’s version of the flash the script was ultimately not used, the writer went into more detail about what their film might have looked like. Recently, Morrison spoke to rolling stoneMorrison, who is widely recognized for his lengthy comic book resume, spoke about working with Miller and the short amount of time they had to create their Glow script to present to Warner Bros. Ultimately, the script lacked the multi-versal aspects the studio wanted. Morrison shared the following:

Well, there had been a few versions, and as far as I remember, Ezra just wasn’t happy with what he was getting at the time. And he had a lot of ideas; he came to me with an idea book. And then we worked together. It was really just the two of us. He came here to Scotland and hung out, and we wrote this stuff. I really like that. They only gave us two weeks! It was cruelty, you know. It was hard. We had to be like the Flash to do this thing, and they were looking for something totally different. I got paid and it was great fun. It didn’t do the job they were looking for, which was to franchise things and set things up, and bring in other characters. It was a Flash story, so it wasn’t where they wanted to go with the multiverse and all that. And that was the end.”

The Flash movie concept art shows a costume created by Batman

The current iteration of the flash The film is based on DC’s Flashpoint storyline, in which Barry travels back in time to undo the murder of his mother, Nora Allen. As Morrison explains, while the DCEU version takes a similar approach, Hodson’s new script seems less about the time travel narrative and more about the DC Multiverse, as Barry is accidentally sent to another Earth. Here’s How Michael Keaton’s Batman Appears In the flashmarking his first return to the role since Return of Batman. The multiverse angle is also a possible way to introduce Sasha Calle’s Supergirl into the DCEU, as Morrison points out Warner Bros. initial wish to include more DC characters in the project.

Even though they finished a draft, Morrison and Miller the flash pitch never came out in full detail. Given Morrison’s long work as a comic book scribe, it would have been intriguing to see what they pulled off for the big screen adaptation of the Scarlet Speedster. It wouldn’t be shocking if at some point this script made its way into the public eye, as there have been many instances where unused scripts for superhero movies have been leaked or released in a certain extent. Until that day comes, there can only be speculation as to what Morrison’s script for the flash movie would have looked like in the end.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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