Payment of Credit Card Debts

  Payment of debts of IPVA, IPTU , credit cards, car installments, insurance and children’s enrollment and school material etc. Where is the money to pay all these debts? How much does the year begin,


Payment of debts of IPVA, IPTU , credit cards, car installments, insurance and children’s enrollment and school material etc. Where is the money to pay all these debts? How much does the year begin, after we go out with the “Christmas Parties” and “New Year’s Eve”, it’s time to sit down and do the bills for the cards, the credit limit and overdraft and also all the expenses that arrive along with the “New Year”.

I consider the IPTU and the IPVA with the final plates 1,2,3 and 4, the debts of we should pay more attention and then the registration and school material of the heirs and heirs, then credit card and so on. The most important thing before making the payments is to make the accounts of everything that will be paid in cash and which can be parceled out, if this strategy is more advantageous.

Money to pay off debts

It is worth remembering that regardless of your economic situation, some debts have to be paid, taxes are this kind of expense, if you are debt free, you are tight, indebted or do not know what to do with so much debt, dirty name, will have to pay taxes anyway, there is no way.

“To get started, get a spreadsheet or paper and pencil and write down everything that is debt and everything that will be debt, to know what should be paid with priority.” It is worth remembering that there is no problem in getting a loan to pay IPVA and IPTU. 

For non-indebted


For people who do not have problems with debt repayment, that is, they are not indebted to financial commitments that compress the monthly income and still manage to save a certain amount per month as an emergency fund, they usually pay their bills on time and prefer to pay cash to have discounts instead of installments, then this tip could not be otherwise, pay IPVA and IPTU taxes in cash.

The discount in São Paulo is 3% for IPVA, it’s no big deal, more help, the discount for IPTU is 6% for those who pay cash. Just to not forget that every year we have an increase in the value of the IPTU of SP. In other regions of the country the discount varies more or less.

For Debtors



People who are indebted, that is, who had problems with payment of debts, the most correct is to pay in installments both the IPVA and Compulsory Personal Injury Insurance caused by Land Vehicle Vehicles (DPVAT), and the IPTU, of course it depends on the state that the citizen resides, may even be worth paying in cash.

In any case, there are other debts and extra expenses, perhaps making a debt repayment loan is a good alternative, especially if the loan interest is reduced, between 0.80% and 3.5%, the payroll loan is a modality of low rate credit. The credit limit on some banks are being reduced as well, the tip is to take advantage of the loan promotions related to pay-to-pay portability.

Research on your own, usually institutions possess a plethora of credit lines and good loans for all tastes and pockets, in addition depending on your relationship, the interest rates can be perfectly negotiated. “Making a loan to pay off debts” of credit card bills is valid, currently interest on invoices added to charges and fines, can easily reach 19% per year.

Paying off debts


Paying off debts


With the loan money pay the total amount of the card’s invoice, the rest of the debts, if any, IPVA gives a discount of only 3% for cash payment, for those who are in debt is not an advantage, school enrollment can also be parceled out, as for school materials, join with more Parents and make the purchases collectively, in wholesale stores is better. Search before of course.

You could not get a bank loan, financial loan or online credit platform, talk to some friends and family about your situation, propose a repayment plan for a short term loan, you suddenly get the “money you need without bureaucracy”, just do not forget to pay it right not to lose the friendship.


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