Pixar Fans Can Now Bid For A Copy Of The Incredibles Script


These days, it seems that Hollywood is dominated by superheroes. If you can follow all the action and DC Marvel television and cinema, you are much more aware than me! Before this craze goes to the next level, however, the superhero fans celebrated whenever a really excellent movie came out and served as an example of that kind can be at its peak. One of these films comes neither Marvel nor DC. It’s Pixar. Of course, we’re talking about The Incredibles, the fan-favorite animated film that introduced a family of superheroes who would become icons of the genre. Today, fans The Incredibles have a unique opportunity to bid on the original script, which is now up for auction at Heritage. Let’s look at that.

Original script from The Incredibles. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Original script from The Incredibles.  Credit: Heritage Auctions
Original script from The Incredibles. Credit: Heritage Auctions

The full list.

This is an original screenplay for Disney/Pixar’s Oscar®-winning animated feature film, The Incredibles. This screenplay was a copy of the “For Your Consideration” best screenplay that was sent to voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. With the launch of rewards season comes the inevitable “For Your Consideration” rewards campaign. And with these, the studios release the scripts they hope can be nominated for the various awards they would be eligible for. It also means that anyone who likes to read scripts gets a slew of titles to choose from as the season progresses. A screenplay is a script for a movie or TV show. It includes the dialogue as well as the mise-en-scène and the actions and movements of the characters.

The Incredibles was written by Brad Bird, who received an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay, Heritage Notes. The script ended up losing to one of the most beloved films since the turn of the century, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mindwhich had a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman.

Heritage continues to note:

Scripts and scenarios can be fun to read and collect. Scripts for big-budget or award-winning movies can be hard to find. This one is a real find and a real winner!

Heritage notes that the script is marked in a “Good” state. You can head to Heritage Auctions here to bid on this piece of Pixar history. Good luck!

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