Ranking Every Movie Soundtrack By Taylor Swift

A few months ago, the trailer for Where the Crawdads sing is out – a film based on a novel of the same name written by Delia Owens – and so is the news that it will come with an original song written and sung by Taylor Swift. The song, titled “Carolina,” adds to the ever-growing list of originals the singer has written for movies.

Over the years, she’s collaborated with numerous songwriters and producers to create a catalog of genre songs for a variety of films, and each song so far has indicated where she’s headed as an artist and has received critical acclaim. From writing an ominous number to adapting to the dystopian world of hunger games to the sensual soundtrack for the fifty shades franchise, each song has its place in his discography.


8 “Today Was A Fairytale” Valentine’s Day

Taylor Swift interviewed on Valentine's Day

“Today Was A Fairy Tale” was originally written by Swift in 2008, but was released for the ensemble film, Valentine’s dayin 2010. Although the song itself fits well with the movie, it’s not much of a change for it in terms of lyrics or sound.

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The song itself is pretty good, but it blends in perfectly with the sound and themes of Without fear. The song falls under the country-pop genre and was re-recorded for Fearless (Taylor version) with a massive improvement in her voice. Unlike “Crazier”, a song written around the same time, “Today Was A Fairytale” fails due to Swift’s ability to create better movie soundtracks.

seven “Beautiful ghosts” of cats

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Taylor Swift Write Original Cat Song

Yes, everyone agrees that the Cats The film – directed by Tom Hooper – wasn’t the best idea for anyone involved with it, however, it did lead to an excellent soundtrack that Swift was able to collaborate on with Andrew Lloyd Webber. The song offers a great vocal performance that builds into a beautiful climax.

The song is also sung by Francesca Hayward in the film, but Swift’s emotionally restrained version transcends her performance. “Beautiful Ghosts” became the songwriter’s third Golden Globe nomination. His haunting and chilling sound resembles an orchestral version of his recently released “Carolina”, which has a more stripped-down sound.

6 “Sweeter than Fiction” from a Chance

“Sweeter Than Fiction” has an almost anthemic feel that is based on a very bubblegum pop sound with rock notes seeping through the edges. His lyrics match the story of A chancea film that follows the story of the journey of Paul Potts – played by James Corden – to become the first winner of England has an incredible talent. Both the song and the film were positively received by critics, with the song giving Swift her second Golden Globe nomination.

This song is very close to “Eyes Open” with lyrics referring to the hope that one day everything will be okay, and the struggles and bruises will not be remembered. Swift’s superpower has always come from her lyricism and her ability to evoke every emotion in a very kaleidoscopic way. The song was also a very clear genre shift that eventually led to the release of the pop bible which is 1989.

5 “Eyes Open” from The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift The Hunger Games Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Unlike “Safe & Sound”, this song is rooted in the rock genre, a considerably surprising choice from a singer who was known for her country-pop at the time of its release – although deep cuts like “Haunted ” of Speak Now had already shown his ability to put himself in the place of this style. out between Speak Now (2010) and Red (2012)the lyrics of the song seem to be inspired by his own life and the books as well.

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The best part about this song, like most Swift songs, is the bridge where the instrumentals drop slightly into the background as she sincerely delivers lyrics about staying focused on your goals while remaining mindful of your environment. The song evokes a sense of hope and self-confidence in defiance of outward negativity, which has been a theme throughout Swift’s career.

4 “Caroline” from which the Crawdads sing

Taylor Swift's Original Movie Soundtrack for Where The Crawdads Sing

With her eighth motion picture soundtrack, Swift has once again proven that her knack for interweaving beautiful lyrics with melodies that perfectly fit the theme of the story is a skill that is undoubtedly worthy of recognition. Her vocal delivery enhances the overall haunting tone of the song by emphasizing the use of her lower register, something she seems to have started using more since she participated in Cats.

The song itself is an extension of her independent sister albums, though it definitely has darker overtones, which makes sense as she collaborated on this song with Aaron Dessner and wrote it in 2020 itself. What stands out most about this song are the carefully constructed lyrics that personify a place, Carolina, where the story of Where the Crawdads sing is defined. This song is also kept to minimal instrumentation, using instruments from the early 1950s, which is the period in which the story takes place.

3 Hannah Montana’s “Crazier”: The Movie

“Crazier” goes back to Swift’s country roots, southern twang and all, and was her very first movie soundtrack. The song was released in 2009 after a highly successful second album – which ended up earning the singer-songwriter his first Grammy.

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As a soundtrack, specifically for this film, it’s perfect. She then made an appearance in the film performing the song herself, where she met Lucas Till who would star in the “You Belong With Me” music video. This song, like “Today Was A Fairytale”, could be re-recorded and added, either for Speak Now (TV) given its release date or Taylor Swift (TV) since it was written earlier.

2 “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” from Fifty Shades Darker

Taylor Swift Fifty Shades Darker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Everyone was surprised by the first single from fifty shades darker, not only because it was a song that featured Taylor Swift, but also because it marked a very unexpected collaboration with Zayn Malik. The song itself showed a side of Swift that was one step away from her “good girl character” – keep in mind this song was released a year before reputation (2017) has been freed.

The song was praised by critics, in particular because of the voices of the two artists. A music video was also released a month later — though it lacked the typical Taylor Swift Easter Eggs — to further promote the sultry ballad. This one was also a good omen of where Swift was headed with the seventh studio album, which had a mostly electropop and R&B sound that built on the pop foundation she made for herself in 2014.

1 “Safe & Sound” from The Hunger Games

Taylor Swift looks back while walking through a forest in Safe & Sound video

“Safe & Sound” isn’t just the best song Swift has ever done for a movie, but one of the best songs in her entire catalog. Not only was this song a drastic change from the Speak Now, which was a pop-country album, but it was very revealing of the path she would take nine years later when she released folklore and still.

The promotional single from The hunger Games was delivered with great fragility by Swift who sang in very quiet, breathy tones that added an extra layer to the brutal lyrics written in collaboration with Joy Williams, John Paul White and T-Bone Burnett. Civil Wars adds depth to the song with their matching vocal tones following a melody that perfectly matched the desperation present in the lyrics. Swift’s contribution to the song is heavily based on the books, which she obviously read in preparation, and her style showed at the time what everyone knows now – she knows how to tell a visceral story enriched with emotions in the short four to five minutes of a song.

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